Cultivate Courage: Day Two

Cultivate Courage: Day Two

where do I go when I’m afraid?

By Elizabeth Cravillion

READ: Isaiah 41:1-14

“Why is nobody listening to me?” I shouted after telling my kids to brush their teeth for the fourth time. Their eyebrows flew up and they scooted to the bathroom. Four nights in a row managing bedtime solo was wearing me thin. After pjs, back rubs, and last drinks of water, I shut their door behind me and exhaled in exhaustion. Chocolate ice cream and Instagram were calling my name. 

Long days of motherhood make us feel alone. “Nobody sees you,” the enemy prods us. “What’s the point?” He wants us to run straight to temporary comfort. I crave sugar and social media, but some women go wipe that kitchen counter one more time or binge watch Netflix. We each escape the lies triggering us in our own way.

I’m so afraid of being needy that I grab the first thing I think of to make me feel safe and in control. And it usually isn’t my Bible.

God has a name for these hideaways: idols. His people have always tried replacing Him with other comforts. In the Old Testament, Israel worshipped golden statues. Isaiah wrote about how enemies attacked Israel and God’s people gave each other pep talks as they hand crafted their statues (41:6). I picture a meme that says, “You deserve it, Mom!” near a box of chocolates. We often believe these idols give us courage. 

But when you read God’s pep talk to His people, He doesn’t say “Treat yo’self.” He just says, “Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God” (verse 10). When I worship God, instead of my own idea of security, I find courage just knowing He is with me. 

Cultivating courage means being scared and doing the right thing anyway - over and over again. So as I spend my days loving and serving my family in endless sacrifice, I practice remembering that He is holding my hand, helping me, giving me everything I need. 

What triggers your fears? Do you curl in a ball or micromanage your life? Pay attention to what makes you feel unsafe or threatened. Then learn to sit with God for comfort. 

1.) Claim a phrase from the Isaiah passage and hang it in the spot you tend to hide - on the fridge or maybe on the bathroom mirror. 

2.) When you feel afraid, try breathing in, “Do not be afraid,” then breathe out, “God is with me.” 

Lord, You are always with me. When I’m triggered I often grab the nearest physical comfort. Today I choose to believe that Your presence with me is enough to make me brave. 


1. What triggers your fears? 

2. What do you run to when you feel afraid or exhausted? How can you fill yourself with God's rest and goodness instead of these indulgences? 

3. Re-write today's scripture and focus on it. Make an effort this week to turn your heart to the Lord when you feel tired and afraid. 


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