Restoration: Day One

Restoration: Day One

stay close to god

READ: Psalm 91

My third child was a girl. After two wild boys, I was so incredibly happy to have a daughter. As a baby, she would sit and play quietly and I marveled at her ability to play “nice” and not throw things. Even at six years old she is pretty good at playing quietly. Her favorite thing to do is color. My boys hated coloring. 

Maybe it was because I nursed her longer than the boys; maybe it’s because she always napped with me until she was three; or maybe because she is a girl; either way, she needs to be with me all of the time. This can be exhausting.  

Thankfully, God doesn’t ever get tired of me. When I am overwhelmed, tired, and broken down by the weariness of motherhood, He says: “Come to me.” In fact, He says more than just “come,” God says: “Dwell with Me.” Dwell means to make our home with, and God says come and make your home with Me. 

In Psalm 90, God says He is our dwelling place, but in Psalm 91 He invites us into to “abide” with him. When we think of the word “home” don’t we often think of “safety and security”? God says: “Come, live with me and be safe.” 

Sometimes it is hard when we feel like God might be the reason for our hurt. Abiding is super hard when we are hurting. How do we stay close to God when we feel abandoned by Him? First, we remember to believe with our heads what our hearts have forgotten. Don’t let feelings dictate actions. Second, we read His Word and pray. Even if you don’t feel like it, find your home in Him while He rebuilds. 

Psalm 91:1 says to “dwell” in the secret place of God. It is a place where God invites us to come and the Hebrew word “secret” means “covering and hidden.” We are safe, like a baby bird with its mother, in God’s presence. We find His presence as we learn more about Him and trust His character. Notice Psalm 91:1 says we should abide with “the Most High” and in the shadow of the “Almighty.” 

Both those names of God evoke a sense of power and protection. We are safe during the process of restoration when we stay close to this All-Powerful, but personal God. The lonely ache of restoration can happen when I stop, be still, and rest in God who abides with me. 


Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 (ESV) 


1. How can I rest in knowing God invites me to dwell, live with Him? 

2. How can abiding lead to restoration? 

3. If I’m tired, lonely, do I run to God? If not, why? 


Dear Lord, please help me remember you might feel distant, but you are not distant. You see me here in my distress and heartache. The lonely ache of my heart can lead me to you, and the restoration that comes with the abiding. Amen.


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