Restoration: Day Two

Restoration: Day Two

cry it out

READ: Psalm 34, I Peter 5:7 

The night air was pierced with a cry. The rolling thunder outside awoke me, but the scream from down the hall was enough for me to race out of bed to the side of the one suffering. My ears are trained to hear my children, even while I’m asleep. 

The other night when the storm poured rain outside, the tears from my youngest wet my shoulder as I held him. It is not a sacrifice or something I hated to do.  I love comforting my children. In fact, the moments when my older ones no longer want my comfort hurts my heart as a mom. When they cry out for me, my heart and mind are ready. I want to offer words, hugs, or just my presence. 

If I am trained to hear my children when they cry, why do I doubt my Heavenly Father doesn’t do even more for me? Many times I’ve cried to God in the dark of the night from deep places of my hurt. I’ve felt the silence of the air and wondered if I was just talking to the ceiling. Was God really listening? I love turning to the Book of Psalms when it comes to this question. The writers knew heartache, and their voices rose in prayers, songs, and lamentations towards their Creator and Father. One thing I’ve learned from their example is this: God always hears us. 

Literally, God hears my cries. And God hears your cries too. If you need to, cry aloud.  Mourn and feel the grief and hurt. But cry to Jesus, not to neighbors, friends, or family. He is listening. And He can carry your burdens. He is vast in his love for you. He can carry your burdens. 

Restoration can happen when we learn to train our voices to the One who made us. He is doing a work in our hearts, and restoration will sometimes hurt, but God sees our pain and is listening. My prayers will sometimes not be answered in ways I want, but God hears me just as I hear my children when they cry out. God says that not only does He hear, but He is ready to redeem, restore, and rescue. Let us rest in that. 


My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up. Psalm 5:3


1. How can I rest in knowing God will listen to my prayers? 

2. How does it change my prayer life to know God is always listening? 

3. What hurt or grief do I need to share with Him today? 


Dear God, restoration is hard work and sometimes it hurts. Will you help remind me that you are near enough to hear my voice. The fact that you listen to me when I pray is such a comfort. I lay before you all of my heartaches. Please provide the comfort I need for today. Amen. 


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