Moms with Cancer: Day Two

Moms with Cancer: Day Two

what and who do you believe?

By Niki Hardy


I must have got cancer because I’m horribly lazy and rarely wash my fruit and veg properly

If I’d been a better Christian I wouldn’t have got so sick

I shouldn’t get cancer – I’m fit and healthy.

My cancer will always dictate how I live the rest of my life

The kids will never recover from seeing their mum so sick.

It’s not just myths like these about cancer we believe. When life’s fallen apart there’s nonsense about who we are and whose we are that seem to make perfect sense to our tired overwhelmed minds.

God must be mad at me for some reason if I’m divorced and childless at 54.

I’m so worried the whole time and never feel the peace that passes understanding that everyone talks about. I’m obviously doing something wrong or just not spiritual enough.

I’ll never get over this. I’ll never feel light and happy again.

If I can just figure out what God’s trying to teach me in this it will get better.

How many times do we believe a variation of these lies? For lies is just what they are. In the middle of John 10, where Jesus talks about how he is our shepherd and as his sheep, we can hear his voice, He tells us that he came to give us abundant life. But in the very same sentence he warns us that the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus knew our stepping into his pasture and the full life he has for us would require stepping away from and letting go of the lies and myths we believe, hold on to and rob us of the very life He wants us to have.

Jesus encourages us that the truth will set us free, so let me ask you, what truth do you need to hear today to bust the myths and lies wide open? What true things do you need to hear about who and whose you are in order to step away from the lies and into freedom? Are you willing to lay down the lies that in their deceit bring false comfort? Will you step away from the familiarity of your current pain and into the unknown waters of truth and healing?

If we are to thrive and breathe again, we must always and unceasingly choose truth over lies. As thrivers we reject the lies of the world about who and whose we are and embrace the truth that we are loved, enough, and that God loves us, isn’t mad and will never leave us.

Reflection questions: 

  • Which of the lies I mentioned do you resonate with most?

  • Are there other beliefs you hold about who or whose you are that might be holding you back from experiencing all God has for you?

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