No Place Like Home: Day Eight

No Place Like Home: Day Eight

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By Laura Zimmerman

READ: Psalm 91:9-13

The house I live in is literally not my home.  It belongs to my husband’s grandparents. We moved in with them four years ago to become caregivers.  So, there are four adults, three girls, a yippy dog, and an assortment of tadpoles, salamanders, and fish under one old roof. Most of the house looks the same as when was built in the mid-1900’s, because we want to keep things familiar for Grandma and Grandpa as they age.  

Some days, as selfish as it may seem, this is hard for me. I want to invest time and money, create a space that reflects who we are as a family. I want a cozy refuge from this world where we can come and detach and quiet all of the noise. It’s understandable, this desire, and not really bad. The problem is this- a house can’t actually quiet the noise of this world.  No matter what it looks like, there is still a noise that follows us that Chip and Joanna and all of their goods will not fix. There will still be kids that fight and disagreements with a spouse. There will still be fears that follow us and anxieties that chase us. The right throw, a change of paint, maybe some new floors, and all of those things will still remain.

When we take refuge in the Lord, though, there is a peace that no circumstance can touch.  We can have chaos roaring around us and a calm inside of us that makes zero sense because, friends?  There is a perspective given to us when we observe the troubles of this world through the lens of the One who has already won. This doesn’t diminish the hardship but it can put it in its proper place. It’s why we don’t need the quick fixes and it’s why we can lean into the hard times.  Because the Most High offers us shelter that never erodes, we can walk through the difficulties of life with great hope. 

The curtains in our kitchen are a different floral than the one on the chairs around our table.  The flooring has a glitter swirl that compliments the flecks of gold in the countertop, which matches the kitchen table. As if having a teenager isn’t enough, sometimes even the decor seems to shout at me! So many reminders that what surrounds me is not what defines me.  No, I am found and at home in the presence of God, something this world cannot touch.

Scripture to Meditate: 
Psalm 84:4-5, John 15:9-11 


  1. What is one thing in this world you are pinning your hopes on that you need to surrender?

  2. If you viewed your time here on earth as a pilgrimage, what would look different?  

  3. Take time to make a list of three places in your life where God’s goodness has been evident.  Thank Him for those times and express your belief/ask Him to help you believe He can do it again.


Father, You are good and You do good.  Our gaze is so often fixed on what is right in front of us.  Shift our gaze. You are our refuge and our safety. We are grateful.  You give us what we need, when we need it, and You are never late. We are humbled by Your presence and in awe of your faithfulness.  Thank You.

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