No Place Like Home: Day One

No Place Like Home: Day One

the safe room

By Nicole Lawrence

READ: Psalms 90:1-2, John 15:16, 1 John 4:14-18

Mayhem starts invading our home. Tantrums and tensions begin to clutter my house, much like the tornado that is our messy playroom. Even worse, the storm clouds roll deep into my soul. I know what is coming next. My home and those who live in it will soon become collateral damage. Debris of confused and anxious hearts will have to be repaired. Sirens are echoing in my head, urgently reminding me that it’s time to find shelter. 

My closet has become my safe place, and ironically it is also our safe room when an actual tornado is looming.  God and I meet in that closet frequently. Like Dorothy, my world feels like tones of grey in the midst of the stormy day. Dark clouds follow me into the place where my clothes reside. I invite Him into the chaos. Instead of clicking my ruby red heels to find my way back home, I fall to my knees in prayer. 

When we feel unsafe, home feels really far away. Fear takes control. In my safe place, grey begins to fade into muted colors as God reminds me of His truths.

  • You can trust me, I am the same forever. 

  • You belong to a beautiful heritage.

  • Love drives out fear. 

  • I love you perfectly.

  • I have chosen you.

Oh, how sweet those truths are to my soul. I am chosen by the same God who was Moses’s refuge. And like him, I belong to this beautiful lineage of chosen people. I am reminded of this  song lyric. The Dodds song Holy/Worthy says, “You make our heritage more beautiful.” I begin to make the same realization that Dorthy did, our home isn’t about the structure we live in, it's about belonging to a family. It’s about a Father who is faithful in every generation. 

Lord, you have been our refuge in every generation.” Psalm 90:1

Refuge in this passage is defined as a place of safety. God is urging us to find safety in Him. To dwell within His faithfulness when our home is chaotic. Our physical address might be temporary, but dwelling with God is eternal. We can experience that safety of being home with Him in our living room between the piles of laundry, in our kitchens’ amongst the dirty dishes, in our childrens’ rooms surrounded by toys, even in our cars amidst the goldfish crumbs. 

Thankfully I don’t have to rely on those ruby slippers to take me home. God casts the storm away in His perfect love. Color is restored. Chaos is left behind in that closet. And this time I carry my home with me. I remember that my safe place dwells within me, in His Spirit. There truly is no place like home. 

Scripture to Meditate:

“There is no fear in love; instead, perfect love drives out fear.” 1 John 4:18a

Reflection Questions:

  1. Where is your safe place? Do you consider God a place to find refuge?

  2. What storms are looming in your home? 

  3. Write out some of God’s truths to cast the fear in the storm away in His perfect love.

Prayer to Pray

Father, thank you for your perfect love. My home feels chaotic in the middle of the storms of motherhood. I want to dwell in You, my safe place, my refuge. Remind me today that my home in found in You. Amen.

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