Visions of God: Day Four

Visions of God: Day Four

kick off your shoes (moses)

By Sarah Martin

READ: Exodus 3

Have you ever had a day where no amount of goal setting, time blocking, or meal planning could even begin to keep you on track and focused? It was more than a day for me, recently. It was a whole season of what I call “googly eye” where I felt like a cute, bobble head caricature of myself. I’m a fairly focused, type A, enneagram 3w2, ENFJ if you have ever seen one. Yet, my mind and affections caused me to flit and flirt around with anything but what my heart truly needed to hone in on: God’s presence.

Not to sound overly spiritual with what happened next, but it was the only thing I could think of to get to the place of peace and steadfast focus. I knew something had to change in order to no longer live distracted by little squares on little screens and big heart junk equating to things like comparison, jealousy, and insecurity. 

So in this place of not knowing what else to ask, I begged God,

“Lord, can you just walk into this room right now? Can I literally see your face because if You show up and I see You in full glory, there is no way, no thing on earth that could ever distract me from a life of worship, devotion, satisfaction, or focus on You.”

I really wanted a burning bush moment like Moses had in Exodus 3. Wouldn’t it be cool if my beloved lemon tree on my back porch to spontaneously combusted and the audible voice of God to smack me out of my spiritual distraction? I’m still waiting on God to make good on my begging. But, in the meantime, maybe this Scripture will help us pinpoint our focus toward a place of flourishing in God’s presence.

“Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5)

I have to admit I’m jealous of Moses right here. I thought that I needed that visual of God. But then the Lord spoke to my heart while wrestling with Him when He didn’t show up like I begged Him to. He said,

Girl, kick off your shoes, for you, right there in your living room, are standing on holy ground. Kick off your shoes, you are standing on holy ground even up to your elbows in dirty dishes. Kick off your shoes, for in the moment of hard conversations with your child about sin and repentance, you are standing on holy ground.

It’s as if the Lord assured me that I don’t need a bright, glowing vision in order to find that satisfaction of His presence. He tells us in His word, “I AM WHO I AM.” (Exodus 3:14) This phrase describes God’s nature: the One who is all sufficient. The One, who sent His son to die on the cross and defeat death so that we, too, stand on holy ground in His presence. It is a daily choice to look for it and actively “kick off our shoes” as we place weight and value on His presence over that which is fleeting and distracting. 

Let the burning fire of the Holy Spirit refine our vision to see God moving and hear His voice wherever we place our feet.


  1. What area of your life or what space of your heart do you need to see God Himself and hear His voice?

  2. How can you look deeper into that place and choose to see it as Holy Ground and a place where God’s presence satisfies and heals?

  3. Where can you create time in your life in order to sit quiet and seek God’s presence?

Lord, thank You for the cross. Thank You for meeting me in the mundane and even in the sticky, hard parts of my life to call it holy ground…to call me into Your satisfying presence. I choose You today and I will kick off my shoes in reverence and honor. Will You move in my heart, my soul, and my life? Amen.

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