Visions of God: Day One

Visions of God: Day One

devoted to a person, not a cause (paul)

By Skyler Clark

READ: Acts 9, Matthew 6:33

I often get mad at God when parenting because I find myself praying a million prayers a day that go unanswered in the ways I’d like them answered. Please let my baby stay asleep when I laid him down for what felt like the millionth time. Nope. Please let naptimes go according to my plans for the day. Nope. Please just let me get to the dishes today. Nope. God, aren’t You even listening? 

In Acts 9 we see how Paul began his walk with the Lord in complete surrender to what God had for him each day.

But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do” Acts 9:6. 

Paul had no clue what God would ask him to do once he got to the city. In fact, later verses tell us that Paul was blind and had to be led into the city (vs. 9). Paul could have questioned if God was even with him. If God was seeing his circumstances and just failing to help him. Instead, he took it day by day and trusted God and we see in the scripture that this lead to many divine appointments orchestrated by God. 

I’ve found that when I start my day in surrender to Him and ask Him to lead my day,  I end up way less frustrated at the end of it all. This makes me more likely to look to Him when my plans take a turn instead of trying to control every tiny detail. Instead of trying to put my life first and fit God into it, I must put God first and allow my life to follow. Like Paul, I must be devoted to the person, not the cause. I can get so caught up in the everyday cause of motherhood such as dishes, naps, feedings, schedules, laundry, teaching, and so much more that I can forget it’s not really about any of that stuff! Everything we do in life is about Jesus and when we shift our focus back on Him and allow the rest to fall in place wherever it will, then we are following Jesus again and not just the demands of our everyday lives. 

Maybe the dishes didn’t get done and I had to hold my baby for his entire nap but I’m learning to not get so caught up in the details, to cast my focus on Him and see the bigger picture. And you know what? Somehow those dishes always seem to get done eventually. 

But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33


1.  What things in your day to day are you trying to control that you may need to surrender?

2. Where does your focus tend to be in your day today? Reaching certain goals? On Jesus? 

3. Do you feel that you are working in your own strength to please the Lord rather than asking Him to work through you and beside you?

Lord, help us to remember that Your burden is light. Help me to surrender my days, schedules, and expectations to You and instead of striving to make things happen, learn to relax into whatever my day turns out to be. Help me to focus my eyes on you no matter what my circumstances look like and to invite you into every detail of my life. In Jesus name, Amen.

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