Visions of God: Day Two

Visions of God: Day Two

hunker down, look up (the disciples)

By Marie Osborne

READ: Luke 24:13-35

To “hunker down:” to be prepared to stay in a particular place or situation for as long as necessary.

My son was just 2 years old when I had my twins. The first two years of their lives are a blur, and I’ve almost completely blocked out the first couple months. I was so busy, so overwhelmed, so utterly exhausted. I really don’t know what I did or how I made it. I just hunkered down and waited out the newborn storm.

The twins are five now. I’m not quite as busy, overwhelmed, and exhausted as I once was. My days are more mundane now, more monotonous, more repetitive and rhythmic. Make breakfast, pack lunches, wash dishes, fold laundry, answer questions (so many questions), find shoes (why can they never find their shoes), and on and on it goes. I’m not up every two hours with newborns anymore, but I’m still hunkered down, plodding through the everyday ordinary of motherhood.

As moms, we have tendency to put our heads down and push through. It’s a critical survival skill, but also a dangerous habit. With our heads down, we can miss a lot. We can miss what Jesus is doing right next to us, what He’s trying to communicate, what He wants us to learn, how He’s trying to reveal Himself to us even when we are hunkered down.

In Luke 24, we read the story of two men traveling together on the road to Emmaus. The two men are obviously overwrought. They encounter a stranger who notices their deep sadness and inquires after their concerns. The men share their troubles with this man, and He gives them a new perspective. He shines light in the darkness, turning their downcast eyes upward. 

These men are so focused on their present circumstances that they are unable to recognize Christ in their midst. How often do we do the same thing? How often do we hunker down in motherhood, remaining so laser focused on our present circumstances that we are incapable of noticing anything else, even God Himself? It’s often necessary for me to plod on and push through, but I don’t have to harden my heart or wallow in hopelessness. I can hunker down, but look up. I can be in it for the long haul, make camp in the midst of mundane, monotonous, exhausting, exasperating, and everything else in between seasons of motherhood, while still opening my heart to God’s presence in the midst of it. We need to stay sensitive to the burning of our hearts as God reveals Himself, even when we hunker down.

“They said to each other, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?’” Luke 24:32


  1. Is it hard for you to see what God is doing or sense His presence in your current season?

  2. Have you ever felt the presence of God or sensed Him revealing more of Himself to you? When and how?

  3. How might you invite other mom friends to help you “look up” even when motherhood requires that you “hunker down?”

Lord, I want to know you more, to see you move, to experience you in our everyday lives, but sometimes my focus on the tasks at hand or my current hardships can blind me to Your presence. Show me how to keep my eyes on you even while I plod on and push through. Help me learn the tension of looking up, and opening my heart, even when I have to hunker down.

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