Because it really does take a village

You've heard the saying, and it's true:  It takes a village to raise a child. There's a reason why motherhood feels lonely when we do it alone.  The American culture is one of the very few in this world in which raising children is a very private and personal endeavor. In so many other places in this world, families (multi-generations) share the same home, and communities consist of small villages where families actually do life together.  They share meals, their belongings, time, and the weight and responsibility of parenting.  

Villages LITERALLY raising children.

It takes about 5 minutes as a mom to realize that this is HARD work.  

Good work. Sacred work. Rewarding work.




We were created for relationship.  We were created in God's image, and God Himself is the epitome of relationship.  He is Father, Son, & Holy Spirit...all in perfect communion with each other.  They are One. 

We were hardwired to live in community with others.  We can't do this alone friends. Moms, did you hear me?!  We cannot mother alone (and stay sane) !  We can't mother alone because if we do we're not the only ones who miss out.  So do our kids!  Our kids miss out on the wisdom and knowledge and gifts of others.  Our kids suffer because we are not the whole women we are meant be.  Community matters.  

My heart aches so deeply when I hear a story about a mom who harms herself or her children.  I wonder... where were her people?!  Where was her village?  Who was looking out for her?  Who was loving her and checking on her and HELPING her?   

Friends, we plead with you, make this a priority if it isn't already.  And if you are in need of community and are struggling to find it.  PLEASE, please reach out to us.  We want to help you find your people.

We are so excited that very very soon we will be initiating community groups (villages!) opportunity for us to really raise our children TOGETHER.  We are so blessed to encourage you each week and each day.  But you need friends you can hug and cry and laugh with, and we want to encourage you to be intentionally pouring into each other. So stay tuned, we are working on fine tuning our plan so that we can help you facilitate local communion...little villages where you take care of each other and raise your kids WITH each other. 

Doesn't that sound INCREDIBLE???!!! 

If you think so, you can sign up RIGHT HERE



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