We're back!

Hey friends!! We are BACK. The Influence Conference was incredible! We arrived home a week ago and hit the ground running with family, ministry, home, etc.  We needed a few days to get back into the swing of things so we could communicate with you in complete sentences.  Fatigue has a way of stealing your words, am I right? 


Here's what's happening this week


We're sharing some of our favorite 31 Days series from some awesome mom bloggers! What have been your favorites?? 


We've had so much fun seeing your InstaWednesday link ups! Our theme this week? Show us your morning! Don't forget to tag @thrivemoms and #thrivemoms! 


A sneak peek at the launch of Thrive Community Groups. Speaking of? Did you read "Momentum"  (our newsletter) yet?  If you did, then you know we are crazy passionate about living in community. We want to share our hearts desire for Thrive groups-- coming your way very soon! 


Facebook Fridays is BACK! Join us on our page this Friday starting at 11am Central time to chat mom life.  This week we're talking friendship.  Are there past wounds keeping you from being open to new friendships? What makes your best friends, the best?  Are WE being the friends God has called us to be to those He's put in our lives? What makes deep relationships go to that deeper place?


See you tomorrow! Hope you know by now that we are CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY about YOU! 

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