Community Groups Launch

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That's really what we're all about here at Thrive Moms.

We want you to feel loved and lifted up.  We love the community that has developed since we first launched Thrive Moms.  But we want to take it deeper. We want it to make a difference in your daily lives.

So we are launching community groups. 

Small groups of mamas, coming together to encourage and support one another. To walk this motherhood road together. 

So, what does that look like?

Getting to know one another.

We want you to use this first month to learn about one another. Follow each other on instagram. Befriend each other on facebook. Invest in one another. 

Digging Deeper.

Each month we would love for your group to carve out a time to meet together. This will look different for each of you, and you can schedule it according to what works for your group. Starting in January we will be providing our leaders with discussion topics each month. These are meant to be a resource for your virtual get-togethers; but not the entirety of them. We want these meetings to be a blessing to each of you. Imagine having coffee with some of your dearest friends. Like that, just through a computer screen.


Community is constant. Not just one meeting a month. We want the bond that will be built to be meaningful. For the friendships to be treasured. Don't let it stop when you shut down your computer. Stay in contact. Whatever you and your group are comfortable with. Whatever you need. As leaders we have a group text thread and we text nearly everyday. Your group may email, or maybe use social media as an outlet for community. Do whatever works for each of you. There is no one right way to do community. Just do it!

 We are so excited as we embark on this new aspect of our ministry. We have lots of fun plans in the works!

If you would like to join in on the fun- there is still time! Winter sign ups end midnight CST Friday; and group match ups will be sent out Monday morning. 

Click HERE to sign up!

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