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Meet Melody. She's a fabulous mom, wife and dear friend. She one of those moms who you watch (you know, on Instagram, duh) and wish you could be more like. She's intentional and goes the extra mile for her family. She basically rocks. We asked her to share a bit of her heart with us today! 


The other night, I found myself cleverly extracting a splinter out of my sleeping 5 year old's foot. (Yes, sleeping.) I have attempted splinter extractions in the past while he was awake - but if you, are or ever have been the mother of a young child - you probably well understand the emotional journey splinter extraction can be. 

And we mothers have to do what we can, right? So there I was, iPhone tucked awkwardly under my chin as to aim phone flashlight onto splinter location - while my arms and legs were cleverly wrapped around said child's legs in octopus-like position, as to keep extraction location stable. Quite ninja-like, if I do say so myself. Especially once the extraction proved to be successful. (sidenote: i really love extracting splinters. It's weird, I know. Also, I am a big dork. This is something you should know.)

And then I got to thinking about the person I used to be - before little people came into my life and totally rocked my world. What is this bizarre and tender, fierce yet sweet love that overtakes us when these little people make their ways into our hearts and lives? It's the kind of mama lioness protectiveness that will swipe at anyone who dares to hurt her baby - but also that same mama will sometimes lock herself in the bathroom and feel like a wimp while crying and wondering if she's doing any of this business right. 

It's really REALLY hard work, this mama business, am I right?

Because the thing about it is, no matter how her baby was born to her (naturally, planned/emergency c-section/waited for and prayed for and oh so lovingly adopted), no matter how many birthdays her baby has, a Mother's labor and delivery never ever ends. She is always going to be a mama. When her babies whose feverish tiny foreheads she kissed in the middle of the night are now all grown up and moving out of the house - she's still always going to worry - think about - miss - love them - and hope that they can thrive in this big crazy world.

But here's the good part (because a Mother doesn't labor for nothing, am I right? There's some good news coming for all that hard work.):

The Grace of Jesus is available to you abundantly, dear Mother.

On the days when you feel exhausted. Easily frustrated. Totally depleted of energy and patience and ideas for meals.  When all the other moms seem to have it together except you. (key word: "seem to") 

Because when you have a personal relationship with, and daily seek out the giver of Life - the One who came to Earth and taught us how to love - your love can never run out. The storehouse of Love and Grace - which we have unlimited access to - is always abundantly full. And HE - who knows us better than we know ourselves - is eagerly waiting for us to tap into that grace.

So yes, this business is hard work, but I'm sure you would agree: SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Tap in to that storehouse of Love today, dear Mama.

It is so very good for your Soul.


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