my own worst enemy

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This week in our newsletter (are you getting the newsletter?? Be sure and subscribe if you're not!), we focused on one of our core values: Refreshing Rest. As moms, it's so hard for us to take a break for ourselves. We are running from one dirty diaper to the next and consumed with school lunches and soccer games. And don't even mention the housework, meal planning, work if you're a working mom and still keeping your husband happy! It's almost too much sometimes. If you're like me you wait until you're breaking point before you do something about it. Am I right?  

I remember one day sitting in the living room floor crying as my husband walked in the door. I hadn't been out of the house in nearly a week, I probably hadn't changed my clothes in about that long either. The house was a disaster and I was overwhelmed and beat. He immediately pushed me out the door (I can't even remember if I changed clothes, but I hope so for the sake of everyone else!). I realized that day that I don't focus on myself enough. And when I let myself reach that breaking point, it hurts everyone.  

When I'm not on top of my "mom game", my kids start to run wild and I lose patience so quickly. I'm too tired to cook, clean and forget it hubby...see you next week. Then I just beat myself up and it's all downhill from there. 

I'm my own worst enemy.
And I'm sure you're all nodding your head in agreement. I don't even have to go into detail and you know just what I mean.  

I feel like a failure if I'm not put together, doing a Pinterest top rated craft with my kids who are perfectly well behaved. All while I'm using my third arm to prepare a 5 course dinner. Is that reality? Absolutely not. But we pressure ourselves to believe we have to be this way. And when we don't reach this unattainable perfection, we are the first in line to beat us down.  

My lack of time I spend on myself and simple pampering, seeps down into my insides. I become ugly and bitter from the inside out. As women, I think it's absolutely important to take care of ourselves, and feel beautiful. We shouldn't focus all our attention on it unhealthily, but we absolutely should take care of ourselves! More importantly though, it's focusing on the INNER beauty that we should concern ourselves with.  


How long do you spend getting ready each day? For me, it's not long. I usually throw my hair into a messy bun, skip the makeup and throw on some dirty sweat pants. But don't you feel better when you take care of yourself? Aren't you a better mom and wife? I want to encourage you to take a few minutes each morning to put yourself together. Put on some clothes (or clean yoga pants) and be proud of the woman you are. Take a bath and take some time to feel pretty and refreshed. 

Here's the kicker: We want to also encourage you to spend as much time focusing on your inner beauty as your outer. Even if it's just a few minutes a day. I think a lot of moms, especially moms with young babies, feel like we are failures if we aren't having a super quiet time each day. We are short on sleep, short on time and it just becomes the last thing on our to-do lists.  So make the time. Get on the same page as your husband and let him know what you need, and maybe you can let a load of dishes go until tomorrow or put the laundry off a bit. (I'm not saying skip out on all your housework!) But figure out what works for you and your schedule. Ask a friend to read through a book of the bible with you. Just take the time to work on your heart. 

We are praying for you this week that you find REFRESHING REST. That you find time as a mama to get a break and work on your inner & outer beauty!


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