Tips for Taking Fabulous Smart Phone Photos

Tips for Taking Fabulous Smart Phone Photos

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Let's be moms we're a little obsessed with taking pictures of our kids. I mean, you can't really blame us.  The cuteness is just too much to let time steal it away.  So we snap away in hopes that we'll capture all those precious moments.  If I could bottle them up like canned peaches, I would. Pop it open every now and then and have a little taste of that pure sweetness, and save the rest for later.  I'm pretty certain I've gotten carried away here, so lets move on. 

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Since my sweet  ones have come into this world I've found a growing passion for photography.  For quite a long while I didn't even own a "real" camera, so I made it my mission to figure out how to take great pictures with my iPhone. Plus, your smart phone camera is just so handy and convenient, which is key when you're a mom on the go.  

Here are a few tips for taking great pictures of your kids with your smart phone.


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1) Lighting is key. I take that back, natural light is key. Side light (from a window),  shade, or a sunset makes great a great picture. Turn off your flash. It's yucky. 

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2) Don't ask them to say cheese. When I specifically ask my kids to smile or say cheese, more than likely I get the weirdest unnatural faces. I'd rather catch the natural weird faces. :)


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3) Use pictures from your photo library instead of using the camera provided on your favorite app. You'll get higher resolution pictures when you're finished editing.  And, you'll have the original unedited picture, should you ever want to change the filter or text.


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4) Get creative. Try all kinds of angles and from different perspectives. Lay on the floor or stand on a chair. Capture different aspects of your children. Their hand holding flowers or their little faces peering out a window. The way her hair makes ringlets when it rains or the freckles on his nose.  


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The goal here is to capture the moments and make them memories that last for a long time.

We hope you're inspired to have fun and get creative with your picture taking.  Inspired to see the beauty in the moments...whether mundane or monumental.  Because all the moments matter, and there is glory to behold in them all. 

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