Great Expectations

It's a new week! We are thrilled to be sharing it with you! We continue to stand in awe of God and the way He is moving and working in the Thrive community.  What an honor to share this journey of mothering with each of you.  

Have you checked your inbox?  Encouragement awaits you! This week we are talking about expectations: what are godly expectations when it comes to our children? what is the motivation behind our expectations?  how can we point them to Jesus as we set boundaries and correct them? If you haven't subscribed, we'd love to be part of your Monday morning routine.  Click HERE to learn more.

This Week on Thrive


Nathalie is sharing some thoughts on the expectations we place on ourselves as mothers.  What does God expect of us? How does Truth align with what we expect of ourselves? 


Come check out our favorites from our last InstaWednesday Link-Up--"Show Us a Blessing!" Have you posted yours yet? 2 days to go! Don't forget to tag us @thrive_moms and #thrivemoms. We'll also announce this week's Insta-theme.


Our goal is to feature a story from a fellow mom each week, to inspire you to keep in step with The your daily life, with your family, in your ministry, in your business, and in the Church. Stop by this week to meet a new mom! 


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Mama Jones