Real Life Mama Story: Sarah

Hello Lovelies! I'm Sarah, wife to Chance & mama to Olivia. I am honored to serve as the support leader for Thrive and I blog at Magnolia and Dot. My heart beats strong for you ladies, and my prayer is that we not only make it through each day, but that we are able to truly thrive (cheesy? sorry) in His perfect grace.

I'm still unpacking my heart after last year's Influence conference.
Still filtering the truths I heard, and how they apply to my life. One session in particular gave me a complete perspective shift, and it's changing our lives.

I'm a do-er by nature. Much more Martha than Mary.
Constantly thinking of all the must-do's, and the need-to-gets.
In the 42 months since my daughter was born, I have spent more days than I care to consider "busy."
I ashamed to share with you today, that that busyness? It got me no where.
I was working in a corporate setting, with little to no recognition for my nearly 8 years of dedication and hard work. Away from home upwards of 50 hours a week.
I was the mom at the doctors office, struggling to deal with a difficult diagnosis.
The wife who packed the lunches and kissed my husband when we passed in the hallway.
Honestly, I'd say I spent less than 8 hours a week truly present with my people.

My tank was beyond empty.
August came. Olivia was starting her second year of pre-school. We found a comfortable rhythm with her condition. My husband started a new job.
For this schedule-driven mama things seemed to be falling into place.
Then Olivia became very ill, and I missed 2 weeks of work.
Without getting into too many details, it became very clear very quickly that the Lord was calling me to make a change.
The time for me to stay home had come.

As we prayerfully enter into this new season, I am re-telling my heart the words I heard last October. I have a hunch that they are words your heart could stand to re-hear, as well.
Sister, just because we can do it all, doesn't mean we have to.
We give the enemy one heck of a foot-hole when we give into the notion that we must do it all.
How much would we stand to gain if we all let go of that ideal?
How changed would our hearts be?

I think we owe it to ourselves, and our sisters in Christ to just let it go already.
Let's stop fretting over our to-do lists and lets get down to our true Kingdom work.
The work of being a mother.
So for now, I'm in the business of dirty dishes... of cooking dinners... of serving my people. And my Lord.
And that's ok!

What notion will you let go of today?

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