a Friend Sharpens a Friend

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This week we are meditating on this scripture:

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17


Sarah, our Support Leader, will be sharing her heart as she reflects once again on what she learned last October at The Influence Conference


You don't want to miss our TOP 10 picks from our first Instagram Wednesday link-up last week!  

This week's link-up: "Show Us Your Community".  Show us who your people are--your friends, your sisters, your armor bearers.  The people you text throughout the day.  The girls you meet at the park.  The moms your share poop stories with.  You get the picture!  

Tag your pic with #thrivemoms and you could be featured in next week's newsletter! 


We'll be sharing some of our favorite ways to build community and find kindred spirits online.   


Facebook Friday! Join us throughout the day for a chat about community and get connected with other moms.  

It's always good to remember that we're in this together! 

We are praying for you.  We care about you! We hope this week is full of reminders of His truths and an awareness of His presence.  

Real Life Mama Story: Sarah

Real Life Mama: Amy Tennant

Real Life Mama: Amy Tennant