Learning To Give

I used to be that know-it-all type of mom. I had naps, menus and toddler fashion trends all figured out.

And then I had my first baby.

That put-together mom with quiet smiling children… my plans and organized diaper bag flew straight out the window.  I quickly realized child temperament, life’s adventures and LOTS of fatigue can mess up any well thought out plan in 10 seconds.  

Jesus is working with me in so many areas, but motherhood sure is honing in on humility.  Never before would I have pictured myself running a screaming baby and two year old out of Chick Fil A after a failed potty-training moment.  My teenage self would have cringed at the thought of me allowing one more Daniel Tiger episode just so I could down a cold cup of coffee.  And that rare instance when I feel like I’ve figured parenting out, the next day I’m back to facebook asking friends for baby sleeping advice.  

Lately, I have found myself observing and absorbing.  Watching other moms, not out of a critical spirit, but in an effort to glean even the smallest bit of wisdom.  Scripture is packed full of practical parenting advice.  I am learning to reach for His Word and also allow Him to use other Christ-like moms to teach me.

Do you know what I see in so many of you?   In moms I want to be like and Christ followers I want to imitate?  A heart of giving.  

Giving a word of encouragment to your husband when he least expects it.  Giving your time to a friend who needs a listening ear.  Giving every last drop of energy to your newborn baby when all you want to do is climb back in bed.  Giving a surprise gift to brighten a mother’s day.

In an effort to encourage others and remind myself to give more, I want this to be the heart of my shop: Everyday Pitter Patter.  What started as simply a creative outlet for this momma is now a shop that I hope shares beauty and joy with others and encourages the spirit of giving.  I love gifting ladies with new accessorries for the season, but I love even more mailing a surprise scarf to your friend or helping raise funds for a family’s adoption through our Give scarf. 

I’m so thankful for Thrive Moms and the giving spirit of these women. They share their hearts and give us precious words from Jesus in their posts and newsletters.  I love being a part of this beautiful community of moms.  Learning from one another and encouraging each other along this messy, exhausting and most-fulfilling journey called motherhood.  

Savannah Garcia is a preacher’s wife and momma of two, living on grace and strong coffee.


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