Mom, Are You in Need of a Time Out?!


As I sat down to write this post my husband asked what it was on and when I shared with him he just laughed. "You don't know how to rest." And he may have a point. Prior to taking a seat in my favorite with computer in tow I had just finished sewing 100 lanyards for a conference this weekend, keeping me up until 3am. This kind if thing is common for me. The last time I rested I had fallen asleep only to be awoken by my water breaking and the onset of labor…8 years ago. From that moment on life has been one busy, but fulfilling roller coaster after another. I have mastered the art of juggling 45 things at once for extended amounts of time, only to then have all the balls come crashing down as I spend what seems like a full day hibernating in my bed. You can rest when you're dead. That was my motto.

Oh friends, how wrong was I. You may not be cramming your days with projects, kids' schedules, doctor appointments, ministry, and work like I was; but if you feel like you are busy for the sake of being busy, like you have forgotten WHY you do all of the things you do, then STOP. Sitting at my sewing table, threading strips of fabric through the bouncing needle while listening to the humming of the machine, I evaluated all of the tasks that I have deemed important in my daily life. I no longer wanted to do the majority of those things; quite honestly the only thing I craved was the feathery soft pillow against my head. What happened? How did I get here? And where did I lose myself as a woman, wife, and mother in all of this muck?

Never did I learn the art of rest. The kind of refreshing time that prepares you for life as a daughter of the King, wife, full of ministry, and mother to 5. So I needed to start now. Once I heard a mother say that she never put her kids in time out as a punishment, rather she had them take a second to sit down, get calm, and thing through their actions BEFORE they made decisions that would get them in trouble. That's how I see rest. It those few (or many, amen?!) moments you carve out to reset your clock, re-evaluate all you are doing, and prepare yourself for the things ahead. Taking the time to rest in Him and the amazing woman He says you are and help you from losing your ever living mind after neglecting yourself.

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28

Sisters, take care of yourself. Don't carry the weight of the world (or your family's crazy schedules, ha!) until it crushes you. Give yourself a time out and rest. Just rest.


How do you find moments for yourself to rest?


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