Thrive Moms 2014 Sweet Swap

It's time for Thrive Moms 2nd Annual Sweet Swap!  As a swapper from last year, I (Kristin) have to say it was one of the highlights of the holiday season.  I had just had a baby, and we live in Minnesota (read: very cold, very snowy, we stay inside a lot).  So you can imagine my excitement when a package showed up at my door, with my name on it, filled with lovely things (and coffee!).  The best part?  It totally blessed and encouraged me.  

So without further ado...

Here are the logistics for this year's Sweet Swap:

  • Signups run from Monday, November 17 through Friday, November 21.  Y
  • Everyone will receive their match by Tuesday, November 25.
  • We are recommending a $25 limit on your swap package, not including shipping.
  • US mamas will be matched with US mamas.  Mamas in Canada will be matched with other mamas in Canada.  This is in an attempt to save on shipping costs for you!
  • Please be sure to send out your swap package by December 9 to ensure your package arrives by Christmas.
  • You will probably not receive a swap package from the mama you are sending one to.  This means you get to meet TWO new mamas.


A few other things...

  • Feel free to buy or make your goodies!
  • Consider adding your family's Christmas card or a handwritten note.
  • Be creative in your sweets!  Are you known for making an amazing sugar cookie?  Does your town or state have anything that's unique to the area you'd like to share with your person?
  • Consider using a flat rate shipping box to (possibly) save on shipping cost.  Make sure to do your research though!
  • Make sure to follow along on Instagram as we prepare, send out, and receive our swaps! #thrivesweetswap (you can also look to see what people did last year for their swap to get ideas).


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