The Armor of God- Sword of the Spirit


Hi.  I’m Rebecca.  Mama to three little ones, owner of Better Life Bags, and business mentor of those who want to do business differently. 

Ephesians 6:17 calls the Word of God the “sword of the Spirit”.  Seems pretty crucial that we know how to use the Word, right?  That we know how to read it and get something out of it and then apply it to our lives.  We don’t want to be untrained warriors in the Kingdom.

When I was in college, I was seeking the Lord hard.  I heard people talk about their “personal relationship with God”, but it didn’t feel very personal to me.  I didn’t have a relationship with the Lord like I saw in people around me. 

God and I?  We didn’t really communicate.  Well, I talked to Him, but I didn’t know how to hear back.  To listen for His voice.  And I desperately wanted to hear it.

I read books from amazing Christian writers during my “Quiet Times” who pulled DEEP, fresh Truths out of the Word.  Who seemed to understand the voice of the Lord in an intimate way. 

But every time I opened my Bible, three things would happen:

1.     I would be bored.

2.     I would be confused.

3.     I would be lost.

A few years after graduating, a mentor in my life showed me a quick tool that I could use when I read the Bible.

It was called SPECK.  And it would change my relationship with God forever.

Here’s how it works.  When I read a passage in my Bible, I look for these things:

S = Sin to avoid.

P = Promise to keep.  This can be an unconditional promise (God loves you no matter what).  Or a conditional promise (If you seek me, you will find me).

E = Example to follow (or not to follow).  Are you reading about a person in the Bible?  What behaviors did they exhibit that you need to also? 

C = Command to obey. 

K = Knowledge about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. 

And then I journal about it.  And take some truth to apply to my actual physical life. 

James 1:22 says, “Do not be merely hearers of the word, DO what it says”.

So I challenge you to write SPECK down on a sheet of paper, or print off the image above.  Use it as a bookmark in your Bible and try it out!  It just might help you connect with God in a new way – and hear His voice fresh.  But, it will mostly train us, as women, to know His word and be master Sword fighters.  

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