Lifting our Sister

This sister....this is the kind of woman, who in the midst of suffering, pain, and loss, continues to worship Jesus and minister to and encourage others to run to Jesus in the midst of their own trials.

In her last post on her blog, just days before her sweet little Zekey went to be home with Jesus, she penned these words:

"Do you ever get to that place of desperation for Jesus where you finally realize nothing else can satisfy? Maybe you are in the thick of mothering little ones, maybe you’ve lost a job, a loved one. Friendships and or relationships are taking a turn for the worse. Maybe your addiction, you’re realizing, continues to not satisfy and you want something true and pure and holy that can fill that God shaped hole in your heart. Whatever it is making you realize this, it usually means you are so deep in the valley, you can only look up.

But, it’s a great place to be in our relationship with Jesus, realizing our desperation for Him. This is the blessing in the suffering. The closeness of our Heavenly Father."

Courage isn't a lack of fear.  Courage is the ability to face your fears.  A few days ago Bree shared with me that they were living their biggest fears, but she knew God would use their journey to help others see that they can trust Jesus with their biggest fears too.  

Yesterday morning at 3am, Ezekiel Todd Holt passed from this life into eternity with Jesus.  He is now whole.  

Bree & Andy and their other 3 kids are leaning on the promises and hope of Jesus during this time, but we know it doesn't lessen their pain and grief.  Let's be the family and the body of Christ, and rally around them and bless them and lift them up.  

If you would like to bless this precious family, please see the donate button on the sidebar.  We would love to shower them with blessings to help meet any needs they may have at this time.  And please feel free to leave words of encouragement, prayer, and support in the comments below. 

It Takes a Village

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