Making Choices

My toddler is desperately trying to climb up on the table to touch my laptop, snag my phone, spill my coffee, or all the above.

My three-year-old daughter is collapsed into a puddle at my feet, sobbing and heart broken because this very same toddler refuses to give her a post nap hug.  This of course means he hates her, and so do the rest of us for that matter.

My big boys were playing sweetly in the living room with their micro-chargers {also known as micro-machines to those of you not living at my house, we have real ones from the 80's that my MIL saved and my boys are obsessed with.} but now they're bickering and fighting, they also need me to come see their "set" RIGHT NOW and wont stop calling "MOOOOOOOOOOM."
In their defense it was a cool set

Rest time has ended and I am nowhere near the end of my afternoon "rest time" to do list.

I can feel the heat journeying up my neck and to my face.
I have read the same sentence on my computer screen eight times and now the words are getting blurry.
I know that I am on the verge of completely losing it, I want to throw my hands up and scream
I just need to get this e-mail sent and return that text and place the new order......
but really it never ends.
There isn't actually just one more thing, there are 100 more things.

I have a choice to make.
1.  I can scream {which is what I really want to do, but is the absolute least helpful}

2.  I can stop everything and push that to do list to my after bedtime to do list {which will now be a combination of about 6 to do lists that were only half accomplished}.

3.  I can pause in what I am doing to re-settle my family meet their needs in that time and place and then return to finish up the afternoon to do list {or at least come to a nice stopping place}.

Here is my confession...
I almost never chose #2, but I all too often chose  #1

I have to live in this chaos, I have to, because having kids is chaos.
It's beautiful and messy and crazy and demanding, and it is chaos.
I can fight it, or I can embrace it.

A lesson that I have learned{and have to keep re-learning} is that when I have a lot of work that must be done, whether it is work work or house work or volunteer work, a little bit of time invested in my kids first can go along way.

When rest-time ends and my work time is still going strong, I have to hit pause, I give snacks and cuddles, I start games or get out the pay-dough.  I have to meet my kids needs and be with them in those 30 minutes, then it is almost guaranteed that they will allow me another hour to finish up my work.
Dress Up Anyone???
We are all so much happier when I chose #3.
When I embrace the chaos, when I know that it is coming and I am prepared to handle it, when I have realistic expectations of myself and my babes.

Parenting is always a series of choices.
Choosing to live and love in the crazy is the one that let's me keep my sanity.
How do you all deal with the chaos in your home?
What keeps your kids best occupied on their own??

Thank you so much for being here with me and Thrive Moms today!
What an honor to be a part of this team!!
In Love,

For Such A Time As This

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