Lesson Learned...

Guess what??
you can't do everything.

I know

I actually just figured this one out, just.

My family is going through a CRAZY season right now which leaves me to be a single mama more often than not.  It's not forever but it's for awhile and we are all feeling the weight of change in our family of 6.

To be honest going into this season I was terrified.
How could I possibly do it all??
How could I run a business and care for my kids and keep our house from being condemned??
All thoughts that were racing through my mind.
Then it happened.
We were in it.
And you know what?
We are surviving.
And you know why?
Because I have given myself permission to NOT do it all.
My business is quiet, my house is messy but livable, and my babies are crazy loved.

I lowered the expectations on myself, I realized that in my trying to do it all I would not actually do anything well.
so I set a priority list....

Babes first, with all the change they have been really emotional and terribly awful.  I have given myself {and them} permission to just sit and cuddle all day every day if it's what they need or want.  While normally I am good for lots of hugs and good squeezes it is really hard for me to just sit in one place while there are hundreds of other things that need to be done.  Turns out I have been missing out.  There is nothing like a good long cuddle on the couch; we cry, we laugh, we cry again, and we get up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.
just snuggling, reading a book, havin' a  snack, it's a hard life

Next on my list is me.
I have a regular sitter that comes, so I can attend meetings, get work done or get no work done, have dinner with friends or go shopping by myself.  I need the time away to recharge, to get my plan together, to rest.  Next time she comes I am considering just sitting in my van in the garage and taking a nap.
I also plan to spend time with God every day.  Some days it's just a quick bible verse and a whispered prayer for patience and others it's fuller and more intentional, but every day it's a must.  One day I made it through on only 2 hours of sleep and didn't even feel sleepy or irritable, an honest to goodness miracle and answered prayer.

Third on my list is community.
I am building a community to not only help support me, but so that I can offer support as well.  Nothing fills my love bank like being able to help a friend with their kids so that she can go to the doctor, it's an added bonus when she shows up afterward with food and drink so we can sit and visit with one another. 
When you are making dinner for 4 kids, you tend to just eat their scraps rather than fix yourself a meal, so I have been inviting other single mamas over for dinner on nights that we are on our own.  It's so much nicer to have someone else to cook for {or in most cases an excuse to order out from my favorite restaurant for}.  A little adult conversation goes such a long way, and so does tired out little ones at bedtime.

Last is everything else, all the things that should get done and will get done eventually, business and cleaning and all the things that will still be there tomorrow.  And as it turns out, the world does not in fact end if you leave them for tomorrow, who knew?

I cannot do everything.
Nope, I just cant.
But I can love my family well, and I can take care of myself, and I can rest in knowing that those things are more than enough.
I am enough.
And when I'm not, I have a God who will stand in the gap for me.

What are some things that you are trying to do everyday that you could let go of?
What are the priorities in your life?  Are you doing them well?
How do you find rest?

Such an honor to be here with you today friends!
In Love,


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