If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Since our second boy entered the family and then a third one followed, I've been trying to tame the chaos in our home. The loud and mess and energy are beyond what my mind could ever comprehend before becoming a mom. Even my years as an elementary school music teacher did not prepare me for the chaos that would ensue with a home full of little blessings.

My efforts to calm the crazy have been met with much frustration - for me and for the kids. I've grown weary of telling everyone, "Be quiet!" or "Stop wrestling" or "Would you just calm down already?!" When I started counting up all the times these words came out of my mouth and how much energy was being expended in fighting the chaos, it all seemed very futile.

While there are many situations where chaos is not acceptable, sometimes a little chaos in the home isn't so bad...especially when Mama joins in.

After many full weeks and busy weekends, we arrived at Easter a little worn thin. We enjoyed a beautiful morning at church, and then headed home, the first things on my mind being quiet and rest. But I wanted to snap a few family photos first. Getting three boys smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is quite the feat, but after a few poses, I encouraged the boys to join me in some craziness.

Easter 2014 Crazy Mom + Boys.jpg

This was a great reminder to me to set aside time for chaos to occur. When the kids have to sit still and quiet for a period of time, make sure they have time to wiggle and giggle before and after. Give them time and space to be wild and free kids, and help them to understand when this kind of fun is appropriate!

The rest of our Easter day was quite relaxing {especially since it was just our family for the holiday and we had leftovers for lunch}. But as the evening rolled around, the boys' energy level amped back up, complete with chasing and wrestling and bumping into all the things. I started to get irritated, but I felt a check in my spirit and decided to join the chaos. We danced and played silly games and, of course, we wrestled. And when I joined in, the chaos didn't bother me quite as much. Actually, not at all.

Boys are boys. Kids are kids. We wouldn't want them any other way. And when we carve out time for them to get their crazies out and join them in the hilarity, this mother-child thing is just a lot more fun.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em in the chaos!

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