motherhood + mindfulness


"It wasn't my intention to hurt you." 

Ever caught yourself saying that?

Good. Me too. 

Think of things we do, intentionally (on purpose). 


set my alarm

say sorry

compliment my husband

eat healthy

take vacation

make coffee the night before 

write reminders on my mirror

silent treatment (hate to admit that!) 


...the list goes on of all things I do on purpose, for a purpose. 

When it comes to motherhood, I don't think of it as intentional, rather natural. 

Hang with me here....

It's wonderful that motherhood comes natural (to me and most likely you too) but it doesn't stop there. Well folks, it shouldn't stop there. 

Natural mothering is easy, and natural. (You know, the kisses, snuggles, feeding, and natural desire to love your littles.) Intentional mothering (to me) is doing the things that don't come natural, and it takes effort. 

Lately I've been trying to stay off my phone more often and play with my sweet baby. It's really easy to get caught up in social media, and often exciting, but it's robbing me of time with my child. Time I can't get back. So, I've been much more intentional about shutting my phone off, and ONLY playing and observing my little one. 

It's profound what occurs when we make something so small a large priority. 

My actions are speaking to her. 

Her little eyes are watching me and although it's not every time, I want her to see and feel me being intentional, FOR HER.

Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when people do things for you, intentionally? 

Her smallness doesn't make her any less capable of feeling loved. My intentions are to show her love, with purpose, for a purpose. 

I don't know who Dr. Randy Carlson is (do you?) BUT he has a quote that says, "The key to living intentionally is mindfulness, and anyone can do that." 


motherhood + mindfulness 

Are you a mindful mother? Beyond what comes natural?

Just because I'm on this side of the fence doesn't make me any more of a good mother, an intentional mother at that. However, we can support, uplift, and encourage each other, mother-to-mother, to live with more intention.

I'm going to practice intentional motherhood, because it takes practice.   

I'm certain we all have areas in our life we need to be more intentional about. 

Let's have grace on ourselves, and mother with deep intentions of teaching and loving our children. 

Can you imagine a lifetime of intentional mothering?

Can you imagine the strengths it will bring to our little ones just by being more purposeful? 

Can you imagine the reflection and growth in ourselves by being intentional? 


It makes me happy. 

Cue Pharrell's Happy song now! 



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