just say yes!

I want to say yes more.
Since I became a mama, I made the choice to say yes more than no.

I wanted to make sure that my no meant something to my children, that when they heard me say no, they would stop {or at least pause} because my no was powerful.

I am just going to go ahead and say here that my little plan didn't really work out so much...
I say no,

There are some seasons where I say it more than others, and quite honestly I have been saying it in every other sentence lately and I have noticed a difference in my children.
I have noticed that they ignore me more, that they argue my no, that every conversation turns into a battle. 
I know that I have to start saying yes.

My general rule for saying no, is this...
#1  will this offend or make uncomfortable those around us?
#2  will this result in death?
#3  will this result in irreversible destruction?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, than my answer is no...
but if the answer to these questions is no {even if the answer to #2 is a trip to the ER} I want to say yes to my kids.

I don't want to say no to painting just because I am too tired to clean it up afterward, I don't want to say no to adventure because I am nervous about who will hurt what, I don't want to say no ALL THE TIME. 

ice cream for dinner??? sure
petting that crazy rooster?? why not
So my challenge to me, and my challenge to you, is to say yes ALL WEEK LONG.
For real.
All week.
Every time your little asks you / just starts to do something, ask yourself these 3 questions and if the answer to the 3 is no, then let your answer be yes.
Let's see what comes out of it!!
Let's see how far out of your comfort zone those tiny creatures push you.
Let's see how many incredible family adventures and memories are made.
And my favorite, let's see if we can make our Mama "no" have meaning again.

Good luck sisters...
What do you think will be the hardest part of this little challenge??

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