God is for you (a sponsor post from the goad abode)

I was catching up with a friend last week and she asked me what craft projects I'd been doing lately. I was hesitant to admit I hadn't done a thing since I finished my daughter's nursery last fall. I had to be honest and told her I'm just too exhausted for crafting. We both laughed and mused about how other moms seem to do it all.

Seriously, between working a full-time job and spending my "free" time with my ten month old daughter and husband, I struggle to clean the bathrooms and pick up around the house. I can barely fathom baking or crafting. Truth be told, on evenings when I'm home alone (the husband works weeknights nights), I usually blog and/or watch TV. Thankfully my monthly goals have pushed me to get a few small scale projects done so far this year...I'm talking about purging old/unworn clothes and getting some photos framed.

I try not to beat myself up for not accomplishing more. It is so easy to get caught in the cycle of "why can't the kitchen sink stay clear of piles of dishes?" or "didn't I just clean that?" (can you tell I despise housework). Ever since I heard Jessi Connolly's talk for the Thrive Moms retreat, the words "swimming in grace" have been dancing through my head.

There are times I catch myself feeling overwhelmed by messes in our home and my ten month old moving faster and getting into more than ever (in her short lifetime), but I've been making an effort to pause and remember I am able to swim in God's grace.

He wants me to let go of beating myself up when I see the sink piled high with dishes or the hampers overflowing. I loved Jessi's reminder of God's posture toward us as she referenced Psalm 32:8. He isn't about shaming us as mothers, but yelling shouts of deliverance for us, rather than yelling at us.

The minute I think I have it, I realize I don't and the tasks and roles I am juggling come crashing down. It is more important for me to remember to sit at Jesus' feet and bask in his grace than it is to have a tidy kitchen and clean, folded laundry.

Do you struggle to remember God is for you in the chaos of motherhood?

This post was written by Beth from The Goad Abode. Beth is the mama to a precious little girl and is one of our May sponsors. Go meet Beth this week! 

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