Retreat Recap. What's next?

THE LORD IS GOOD.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  The message of our first Thrive Moms Retreat was to find our hide place in THE LORD.  And we felt His sweet presence all over the whole thing.  From the pictures posted, to the quotes tweeted, to the conversations happening in the live chat box, to the prayers prayed over women via the live prayer chat happening during the entire retreat.  God made Himself known, and we are filled with so much joy at the work of His hand.  

You see, it's not the numbers themselves that give us joy.  Its the fact that those numbers represent the amount of hearts touched by His grace and love.  The amount of mamas who stepped out of their own fleeting hiding places to find an everlasting hiding place in Him.  It represents how much moms long to commune TOGETHER WITH THE LORD.  Our dreams come true.  Our prayers so graciously answered. 

So after all this amazing-ness of gathering together and connecting our hearts, what's next?


  1. Sign-Up for a Thrive Local! Meet with moms that live in your own neck of the woods. Face to face! This is our version of a Moms-Night-Out. Every mom needs a night off with girlfriends that "get you".
  2. Join a Support Group (via Facebook groups COMING SOON). Do you have a desire to connect with moms going through a similar season or a similar life circumstance?  This is where you will find them! 
  3. Sign-Up for a Connect Group.  Maybe you're in a season of motherhood where you just can't get out much. These groups are perfect for you!  They'll meet virtually and monthly themes and discussion topics will be provided by us! SIGN-UPS end MAY 19th!!! 

Our heart is to provide several different ways for you to stay connected knowing that we are finding you in different seasons of motherhood.  We truly don't ONE SINGLE MAMA to feel alone.  

Groups launch June 1st.  And we have some fun ideas for the launch so stay tuned!

Don't forget to subscribe to Momentum (the best way to stay up to date with all that's going on with TM. 

And don't forget about the Hiding Place Devotional!  It's not to late to join in!!  (Search "hiding place" in the You Version App).  And grab these devo journal pages in our Marketplace

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!