Thrive Local Launch!

Yay the week is finally here!!

We are so overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response we've seen since the Thrive Local Directory went live!  As of today we have 155 groups!  So amazing!  We are so excited to see how God works in these groups to encourage and build you up, spurring you on in your calling as moms

If you've not already found a group, please head over to the directory.  Click on a city near you.  That will redirect you to your group's facebook page.  There you can connect with your group and get all the deets for this week's launch and meet ups in the week's and months to come. 

If you don't see a group in your area and you'd like to lead one yourself---YAY!  Click here to sign up!

We're celebrating launch week with Sole Hope!

Sole Hope is very dear to our hearts, so we thought hosting shoe cutting parties would be a great way to kick-off our first week of Thrive Local meet-ups.  If you've not gotten to know Sole Hope, we encourage you to spend time this week learning more about them! We know you'll fall in love with them too! 

Our hope is that this week with be the--kick your shoes off, put your feet up, let your hair down---kind of week you've been needing.  We hope there will be lots of FUN, lots of laughs, maybe a few tears (because sometimes you just need a good cry) lots of yummy food, and of course....the nectar of a mom's life--coffee. 

Take lots of pictures and tag them #thrivelocal.  We can't wait to see your beautiful faces! 

Oh, and PS:  Our One Year Celebration giveaway is....drum roll please.....

Raschelle Myrick

Yay!! Congrats girl!  Thanks for being part of the Thrive Moms community! 


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