Thrive Support Groups Launch!

Hi everyone! Amy Tennant here. I am so thrilled to launch Thrive Moms support groups! It's welcome week on the support groups where we are going to get to know one another and share a little bit about ourselves.

So what are the support groups and why do we have them?

Thrive Support Groups desire to encourage, support and walk alongside mothers going through life with other moms in similar circumstances.

Motherhood comes along with some tough circumstances. (We are human beings, you know!) We live out our days with pieces of our hearts in these little people we call our children. These little people that we raise, we do life with, we rock, we sing with, we read to, we make meals for, we make decisions for.

We were never meant to do this by ourselves. We want you to be in a community with other moms who really get it. Moms that walk a similar road, who are seeking out understanding and encouragement just like you.

Come join us as we journey through motherhood and share with one another in a space where we rally together and watch God move.

To sign up for a support group, click here. We are excited to have you!

I've been avoiding this one.