Refresh Giveaway for Tired Mamas!

Hi, I'm Sarah! I blog intermittently at Mommy Notes. My three-year-old is currently throwing a fit in his room, my 15-month-old is dragging her daddy's shoes through the crumbs on the kitchen floor, and I have a super squirmy baby boy due in about five weeks!

A little less pregnant than I am now :)

My husband and I have always wanted our own business--the kind of business that would keep us at home with our little ones, involve our kids as they grow older, and not just provide for our physical needs, but provide for the physical needs of others. By November of 2013, after about 18 months of me being a SAHM, we were running out of savings and bills were piling up, and we knew I was going to need to find some kind of extra income. A blog friend of mine had been telling me about Rodan + Fields, a skincare company created by the doctors who created Proactiv. I was skeptical, but she explained there are no parties, no inventory to stock, and EVERYTHING--the business kits included--comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

I don't have the space here to tell you all the million reasons I'm loving my new "job," but here are a few highlights:

  • I've gotten rid of hormonal acne (goodbye pregnancy breakouts!)
  • My husband doesn't have to get a second job
  • I don't have to leave home or be at work for hours and hours every day

Even better: we get to bless other families. Not only is this a tangible way for other families to raise the funds to do the work the Lord's called them to do (get out of debt, adopt, serve on extended mission trips or in ministry), but I get to build relationships with and bless my customers, and I get to pour into the lives of the women on my team. My earnest prayer is that the Lord use this business to bless and build up His kingdom!

You can learn more by emailing me at sarahguerrero10 at gmail dot com or by visiting here and here.



A little refresh for tired mamas :)

A little refresh for tired mamas :)

Thanks for letting me share my heartfelt thoughts on Rodan + Fields :). We have skincare solutions for every skin type, and because I love Thrive and want to bless one of you mamas, I'm giving away a little gift basket filled with some fun things, including one of my favorite solutions for tired mamas, our Multi-Function Eye Cream. It's a $60 value! You know what to do with the rafflecopter below ;).



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