A Weekend Benediction

To all you mamas trying to embrace the chaos this Friday after a long week....


Remember that sometimes embracing chaos means letting the siblings fight it out and not intervening. Sometimes it means giving the kids a bowl of cereal for dinner because the task of cooking and cleaning up afterwards would put you over the edge. Sometimes its abandoning your high expectations of the day running smoothly and shifting to Plan B or C. Sometimes it's strapping the crazy rambunctious toddlers to their carseats and going for a ride - simply because it means they get to be strapped down for 30 minutes. Sometimes it means NOT picking that battle with your husband for the 10th time.

Grace to you, Mamas.

Motherhood is such an art isn't it? You gotta stay open-minded and creative. It's a daily surrender to our own sinful desire for control of all things and all tiny humans who live with us. 

This weekend, may you find joy even when you feel unappreciated. May you find supernatural rest despite the to-do list. And may you embrace the chaos and exhaustion that ultimately leads you back to your Savior. I pray you are burdened to give God your chaos every day, and that you learn to trust Him through it. 


Bri is a stay-at-home mom of two living just outside of Philadelphia. She loves blogging, photography, running, music and diet coke. Connect with her at her blog or on instagram. 


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