He Moves Mountains

Hi my name is Lauren Schoeny and this is my story of my journey into Motherhood. My husband and I had been married for a little bit over a month when I became pregnant. That wasn't exactly the plan, but sometimes God's plan is different than ours. The pregnancy news took some getting used to, but we were thrilled nonetheless. Everything was going good until six months into the pregnancy.  The doctor found an abnormal growth in our precious baby’s lungs. The doctor said, “let's check back in a month and see how everything is looking.” We came back a month later and the growth was still there. There was a tumor in our son’s lung and the only option was surgery. Mind you, we were living on the island of Kauai, beautiful vacation spot, but not the best medical options. So the doctor pulls us into this room, basically a cry room and tells us, “your baby has a rare tumor in his lung. Its called a Bronchopulmonary Sequestration, he will have to have surgery on Oahu.” My husband is trying to hold back the tears, as I’m balling thinking, “What? Broncho what? “

As you can imagine, my husband and I were devastated. I was in complete shock I didn't know how to react. I was angry, sad, and heart broken.  I asked why? Why God? Why would you let something like this happen? What's the purpose? Here I am thinking, “I wasn’t ready to be a mom, and now you throw me this curveball. “What are you thinking Lord, I'm not that strong."

But as I sought comfort in His Word, He gave me this verse:

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

In that moment, I felt His presence in a way I never had before. I finally stopped asking why and put my complete faith in God. That's when he began to move in my heart and in our lives. I felt him saying “Trust me, Trust me and my name will be glorified through this trial.” He opened the door for us to come to California to have our son at Loma Linda Children’s hospital. He provided housing as my parents lived close which helped with finances, as my husband didn’t work for three months. During the pregnancy we also moved from Kauai to California. God opened the door for a job opportunity in San Diego for my husband. Everything seemed to fall into place, down to the tiniest details. The Lord totally paved the way for us.

I was monitored closely for the remainder of my pregnancy because the tumor was growing at every monthly check up. We met with surgeons, had a tour of the NICU and were ready for surgery when the baby was born. Delivery day arrived and there were more medical staff in the delivery room than I could count. Nurses, doctors, techs, you name it. We had a few short minutes with our precious baby boy and then the doctors took him to run tests and prep for surgery.  The time seemed to last forever during those few hours they were checking our son. But when they brought him back, they said, “All vitals are at 100% and we can’t find the tumor.” The tumor was miraculously gone!!! In that moment my heart was overwhelmed with so much joy! And I couldn't help but cry and be amazed at God's faithfulness. Our son was born and he was born perfectly healthy!

Two years later, I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and spend all my time with our Miracle Mason. I love that being a mom is my full time job. Its not always easy, but it is worth it. Since becoming a mother it seems like there is never enough time, especially for myself!

One way that I’m able to relax is by being creative. Ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed crafting, in every sense of the word. So I started an Etsy shop, “Ello Love Designs.” A place where I could make things I love and share them with people I love. This shop has allowed me to be a fulltime mom while giving me time to create, have some ME time, and help with the finances. You may be wondering how I chose the name “Ello Love Designs?” Well to answer your question, my best friend and I always speak in British Accents with each other and the conversation usually starts with “Ello Love!” It just happens to be that Elise is her name and mine is Lauren or Lo. So combined we get EL-LO. Initially it was going to be both of us creating and working together but she is a traveling gypsy and an amazing traveling job came up that she couldn’t refuse. So she isn’t really involved at this time. But I hope she gets to be involved in the future when she returns from her journeys. Currently My etsy shop features a fine selection of baby blankets, hand crafted macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, wood burnt creations, and jewelry.  I am always adding new goodies so stay posted!

I am thrilled to use this blog post as a platform for my business but more importantly I think the story of God’s faithfulness is the main focus.  He is the driving force behind all I do whether it’s being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, or business owner. Miracles still do happen! God knows why you are going through the season you are going through. Trust Him, in all circumstances. When you place your trust in God, He moves mountains!

P.S. my husband wrote an amazing song about the struggle we went through before our son was even born. He wrote it when I was six months pregnant and it’s amazing to see how the title “Miracle Mason” actually happened! It’s definitely a tear jerker but also totally encouraging for anyone going through a struggle. Hope it encourages you!

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