Bad Idea Mom Jeans

It's Friday. Let's get wild...embrace the chaos!

Do you remember this little gem from Saturday Night Live? 

Of course you do. Who doesn't love some Mom Jeans? ("I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a mom!")

But do you remember the original jean parody?


Bad Idea Jeans. ("I don't know the guy, but I've got two kidneys and he needs one, so I figure...") turns out I've discovered a new blend of pants, I've been wearing them quite a lot lately...I call them: Bad Idea Mom Jeans. 

You know you're wearing these hot little numbers, when you have a "genius" idea for an activity, and it pans out...well...bad. 

I'll just take the baby in the shower with me- what fun! Plus we'll save a ton of time! Surely it won't turn her into a slippery little seal who wails every time the soap gets near her eyes!
Oh, why not? We'll stay another few minutes. Sure, the kids haven't eaten lunch yet, and we're already pushing the nap schedule. But they're having so fun I know they won't flip the instant meltdown switch once we finally do wrangle them into the car!
We're only going out for a minute. I won't bother bringing the diaper bag...

Or: my most recent Bad Idea Mom Jean moment: 

Let's set up the bounce house in the living room! It'll probably fit if we get rid of all of our furniture, and the kids will love it! We'll win winter! 

Well. I was half right. 

It did almost fit if we angled it just so. And if one of us stood in front of the TV at all times to protect it from flailing limbs, it was practically not dangerous at all. 

And the kids did love it....well...until...

Until it became one more example of our unofficial family motto these days: 

It was fun....Until it wasn't. 

You see...they bounced their little hearts out, and just as I was about to post my smug picture to instagram (What, this? just a little Mom GENIUS!) my oldest bumped her lip on the couch. Tears, blood, more tears and then SO many tears from the youngest, who didn't understand why bounce time was over. She was fine- both of them were fine- and we quietly wrapped up our night with a little ice and a lot of books. And the bounce house has been in its storage bag ever since. 

So yeah. They can't all be winners, right? And sometimes, I've found you have to live for the first part: It was fun! and let the second part wash over you the best you can: until it wasn't. And chalk the whole thing up to a day in your Bad Idea Mom Jeans. 


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