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It’s the moment when time stands still, the moment when you say "yes" to building a life with the one you love, the one God has made for you and you alone. In my own life I have always tried to have the attitude that I will say yes to God. If I leave the space for Him to move he will move, the only expectation is that I trust His plan.

Do you know when this got far more complicated? When I got married and even more so as a parent. Surrendering your own ambitions and desires is really hard. You see, marriage makes you realize things about yourself that maybe you weren’t aware of; and if you were aware, those were the not so attractive pieces that you hid away.

Then, when you are trying to conceive, you realize that the topic of fertility is heavy and what your doctor says and what God wrote on your heart might not align. Finally, once you have that beautiful baby in your arms, you realize you have no idea what you are doing, but you lean on the love that God has shown you throughout your life and hope and pray you are making the right decisions on behalf of this precious little life.

And now, as a newlywed and mother of a ten-month old, balancing my marriage and motherhood is more challenging than I anticipated, but that’s exactly how blogging about marriage has changed me.

All of these destinations on your journey require you to surrender to God’s plan. They require you to acknowledge that you are not in control -- and this, this is hard. I’m still working on surrendering it all to God and we want to stand with you as you work on it too. I want my children to see marriage from God’s eyes, not the world’s; and when I prioritize my relationship with my husband, I sow into this.

We forget that the world will always set an expectation for us that may be different than the reality God has promised us. The world says that the wedding is more important than the marriage. But God says we are one flesh (Matthew 19:4-6). The world says that if your plans aren’t coming to fruition, take matters into your own hands. But God says I will not leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:8).

To surrender your plans as individuals, then surrender your lives as one to God’s plan requires a foundation rooted in His word, and faith that increases as the world begins to test you. And that is why I believe so much in the mission of Happily Hitched. We believe that “every bride deserves to enjoy her journey to a lasting marriage.” There is nothing wrong with wanting to have an amazing wedding day -- in fact if you look at the number of resources or advertisements geared towards weddings, you would think that the wedding is the pinnacle vs. the marriage. And that’s why myself and co-founder Christina Grier are committed to helping women prepare for their marriage throughout every season of their lives. Whether you are single, engaged, or newlywed we believe in bringing women together and glorifying God’s heart for marriage.

“Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him.
-L. Whitney Clayton


Aishah Hunter is a wife, mother and marriage blogger. As a co-founder for Happily Hitched, she serves brides by helping them to recognize that in order to build a lasting marriage our work doesn’t end at I do -- that is just the beginning.  She desires to share her own experiences in order to help strengthen communities by impacting one family at a time. Check out her blog at www.happilyhitchedmarriages.com.