My kids are dramatic...crazy, over the top screaming like they have been maimed when they stub their toes kind of dramatic.

And it makes me crazy.

Although, they come by their drama honestly. I may occasionally be known to scream down the stairs, “If something isn’t bleeding or broken, and you are screaming like that, you will spend the rest of the day in your room!”  This is of course an empty threat, along with being just as dramatic and ridiculous as they are.

So I wonder, is my kid’s flair for the dramatic a mirror held up to me? Do you sometimes catch your children doing or saying something that takes your very breath away because you know they got it from you?

I had a dear friend who would always say “God Bless America” when she was frustrated, hurt, angry, whatever. She just basically replaced all curse words with this phrase thinking she was protecting the ears and hearts of her children. Until her six-year old-started using her phrase in the same way, then my friend heard with her own ears that no matter what words you are saying, it’s the intent behind them that makes them ugly.

It is hard, next to impossible really, to always be modeling the ways we want our children to act, to speak, to love. It takes more than intention and more than passion. On our own we can never live up to our expectations of ourselves and our children, and when we constantly fail at being perfect we are destined to stop trying at all.

I believe becoming a good example in your home takes spending time in God’s Word reading the ways in which He desires us to act every day.  It requires time spent with people who are Godly in character who will mentor us and speak life over us, who will share their wisdom with us. It needs grace, to know that in doing your best there will still be times you fail, there will probably even be times you choose not to do your best. We will never be perfect role models and we were not ever designed to be, that’s why God gave us His Bible (even King David had a terrible influence from time to time). God’s Word shows us how we should live, and gives grace and forgiveness to us for falling short, and provided encouragement for getting up and trying again. Let’s bring that into our homes, mamas. Let’s be good at being good, better at finding forgiveness and grace, and experts at perseverance. Let’s stand before our children trying our best to lead them, willing to admit our failures, and always always standing back up willing to try again.

Amber is a mama to four and founder of Beautiful & Beloved, her desire is to inspire others to believe all people are Beautiful & Beloved and to equip them to live that Truth out. You can join her on instagram @beautifulandbeloved or on periscope @ambervnewberry