Am I the only one whose kids are all of the sudden aware of absolutely everything they are lacking? Please tell me I’m not alone. Except for your sake, I kind of hope I am. Our kids were adopted three years ago and so for the past three Christmases, they’ve been wide-eyed and amazed at the generosity of friends and family…but this year, they’ve wised up. They get this whole gift-giving gig and I should have known that a casual mentioning of the impending Christmas season would land me smack dab in the middle of my son’s ever increasing wish list.

I mean, I remember getting the fat Toys-R-Us magazine, grabbing a red Crayola marker, and going crazy circling anything and everything that looked shiny. I get it, my dear third grader. I’m sure that it’s hard to understand that while, yes, your friend in second grade has an iPhone, you, my son, should not be expecting one in your stocking. And, yes. I know that every other child in the free world has an Xbox and that you *NEED* a dog, but sheesh.

I’m new at this whole parenting thing, but I sure am hoping to shape souls less greedy than my own. We don’t even let them watch commercials for Pete’s sake! And yet, this conversation showed me there’s a long way to go and that we would surely need God’s supernatural intervention. Because, if I’m honest, I have a decent wish list that I can get pretty spirited about, too. It’s just that the grown up list includes things like being effortlessly perfect, having an empty inbox, a clean house, and a completed to do list. Oh, and since I’ve been extra good this year, I’d like a quick trip somewhere tropical and a good long nap as well. These are often the things I look forward to making ME happy. There’s discontented greed in all of our hearts. So when I start to feel my soul getting grabby or when on December 26th my sweet children voice yet another thing they think they “need”, I’m asking the Lord to give me a renewed perspective of the Truth.

Because of Jesus, I am no longer a citizen of this world. When I accepted Him as my Savior, I was transferred from isolation and darkness into His family and His Kingdom of light. I am now a citizen of Heaven and when I remember that the King is my Father and that He has given me all I need for life and godliness, I am truly content. Jesus and all His riches are mine!

Okay, you want to know something else that will shut my list-making mouth? Let’s talk about those who find themselves lacking basic necessities? Are we not blessed in order to be a blessing to those without? How can the secret of contentment be true for people in every circumstance?

In the thick of plenty, we can be content. In severe deprivation, we can be content. In every circumstance, we can be content because we are a Beloved child. Our Father is the King! In Christ, we have all we need! The Holy Spirit literally resides in us! If God can make the death of His Son work together for good, He can make _(insert your lack)_ work for good. But it’s not a momentary affirmation of this Truth or a brief glance at Jesus that brings peace and contentment, rather the fixing our eyes on Him and the repeated consideration of this Truth.

How often do we think about our wish lists and the things that stir up discontent? Let’s think on the cross that many times more and we will find the secret of contentment for ourselves and for our children.

SHARABLE QUOTE: I am now a citizen of Heaven and when I remember that the King is my Father and that He has given me all I need for life and godliness, I am truly content. Jesus and all His riches are mine!


Kitty Hurdle is a missionary, momma and majorly obsessed wife. She loves to write and wrestle with the Gospel at and make new friends on Instagram!