I love snow days. I love the gift of a day where all the duties have been canceled, a day where nothing is expected of you other than to stay put and stay warm.

At first a snow day is always met by me with a bit of panic and disappointment…"How will I accomplish my to-do list?  I don’t have time or margin to pause everything for a whole day, I can’t afford it!"

But really a snow day is a gift, not a punishment. It is the gift of restoration and memory making. When we are forced to slow down and push our lists to another day.

Of course, we can fight the gift, refuse it, choose work and business despite the circumstances.  Really that is always a temptation that I face, until I realize that my list is neverending, and these days of snowball fights and hot cocoa are fleeting. On snow days I have the chance to choose my family, to choose fun. On snow days I can spend my time listening to what God has for me without a schedule running through my head and keeping one eye on the clock. Snow days are a present that we can choose to unwrap or just leave on the table.   

Just like we have the opportunity to accept the gift of grace and forgiveness from our Heavenly Father, we can accept His gift of rest and restoration that He offers sometimes in the form of a snow day. I truly believe that when we wake up to a world covered in snow it is the whisper of God saying -- "Take today and rest, my loves. All your work will be waiting tomorrow, today is a day for play.” And I always want to be the girl who says, “Yes, God! Thank you!”


Amber Newberry is the founder of Beautiful and Beloved where she shines a light on the Truth that all people are beautiful and worthy of love. Join her as @beautifulandbeloved on Instagram to be encouraged