Let's Love on Moms {Support Ministry Fundraiser}

We understand that motherhood is a high calling.  There aren’t many other callings in life in which a person has the great privilege and responsibility to pour every bit of themselves out day in and day out.  As mothers, we all face a million little losses and trials every day.  We lose sleep, and sometimes our very sanity, as we cradle colicky or teething babies, calm toddler tantrums, teach hard lessons, and learn to live in grace.  While we celebrate the firsts, we also grieve the firsts that have come and gone.  We cheer and we ache all at the same time.  We are tied together in our understanding of one another.  No one understands the life of a mother as another mother does. 

And sometimes, the losses and needs moms face are far beyond what any mother should ever have to endure.  The loss of a child.  The loss of a spouse.  The loss of their health or the health of their child.  The loss of income. 

That’s where we, as the Mamahood, come in.  We stand together.  We lift each other up.  We carry each other when the road is hard, when the edges are sharp, when the water is too rough.

Thrive Moms has been so blessed to be able to walk alongside moms going through these difficult seasons and circumstances, and we are inviting you to be part of it.  We need you to stand with us.  We need you to help us continue to be able to support moms in need.

Will you join us?

Thursday, the 12th at noon, we are hosting an auction to benefit the support ministry of Thrive Moms (follow us: @thrivemomssupport).  All funds raised will be used to help moms with unique needs and challenges.  We have some pretty awesome shops that are linking arms with us and we can’t wait for you to see all the beautiful items that will be available to you!

Maybe you’ve experience support from our ministry and you want to pay it forward.  Maybe you felt the loving embrace of community rally around you in time of need and you want to be part of that.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to bless other moms and you’ve never know quite how.  Maybe you’ve been blessed with a bit of extra cash this month and you’d like to invest in a great cause.  Or maybe, God is just tugging on your heart and you want to make a difference. 

Now is the time, sisters.  We need you!

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