Yesterday I had a full on mommy meltdown, complete with covering my ears, crouching in a corner, and sobbing uncontrollably in front of my three youngest.

There was a lot that happened leading up to the meltdown....

It was a week full of stresses and little sleep, not to mention the start of my period and insane PMS {TMI?}.

I was a ticking time bomb and I didn't even realize it.

Yesterday at lunch, I LOST IT COMPLETELY!!

My daughters voice is several octaves higher since her tonsils came out {which we have been told is temporary and I am praying it is} she is also sleep deprived and in pain so she seems to cry at just about anything.  She was mad at her brother for taking over the stool next to me, they fought and screamed right on top of me as I tried to make lunch.  At the same time my kindergartener was set on reading me the story he brought home so as the littles fighting got louder, so did the reading kindergartner.  I was trying to stop the fight, listen to the reading, make lunch, and all the while my head was throbbing to the point of making me nauseous.

I snapped.

I began sobbing, dropped to the ground, covered my ears and rocked.  I freaked my kids right out.  I couldn't even comfort them, I was so lost in my own meltdown.    When I finally regained some control of myself, I just went back to making lunch.  My sweet 6 year old grabbed my hand with tears in his eyes and said, "I think you need to call dad," he was right.  I needed help and I should have called for it much earlier that day.  I should have asked my husband to stay home when I woke up with a headache I knew would become a migraine.  Why was I trying to tough it out, what was I gaining by completely losing it in front of my babies??  Why is it so hard for us as moms to ask for help and rest when our bodies demand it?  Why do we wait for the meltdown before we take care of ourselves??

My husband was thankfully able to come right home and when he arrived he sent me straight to bed where I slept for three hours and awoke like a new woman.  We decided to eat out so I didn't have to cook dinner and last night my husband and I both went to bed at the same time as the kids.

As moms we do it all, we take care of everyone and everything, except ourselves; until we are forced to. 

I told my little story here today as a warning for you my fellow warrior mamas.  Don't wait until the melt down.  Don't push off taking care of yourself until you are physically incapable of taking care of anyone.  Listen to your body, pay attention to your circumstances, and take care of yourself.  Remember the epic lesson we learn every time we take a flight.  "In case of a drop in air pressure oxygen masks will drop down, please place your own oxygen mask before helping those around you." 


You are no good to your family if you are rocking in a corner with your hands over your ears sisters.  Believe me, I know!

What are some ways that you take care of yourself and ask for help when you need it?

I would love to discuss in the comments!!!



Amber is the founder of Beautiful & Beloved Boutique and Reveal Ministry you can connect with her on twitter or instagram @ambervnewberry or visit her ministries on instagram @revealministry and @beautifulandbeloved


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