... even God has a clique

... even God has a clique


Do you guys remember that phase when the “Jesus is my homeboy” shirts were in style? I never bought one, but I thought they were really cute. It was a fun shirt that told the world of your faith and who you believed in. That’s pretty legit and I think God was pleased.

… because even God has a clique.
You know, it’s Him (the father), Jesus (the Son), & the Holy Spirit
and then, of course, all of us believers.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if God had to sum up his core must-haves in life in 3 words, those essentials would be relationships, loyalty, and love.  And, in the way that God is God, he leads by example and would want us to choose those same ideals as the foundations of our lives.

As a regular Bible reader (no Biblical scholar here!!), I believe that there are only a couple of instances in the Bible where someone had to do something completely on their own without the benefit of a friend helping to bear their burden. That was Adam and the solo days he had in the Garden and Jesus dying on the cross. Aside from their relationship and communion with God, there was no one else to go through those experiences with. While God may have positioned others to carry out his will alone or experience things others had not (like Paul, Job, Joseph, etc), there were for the most part at least one other person that they could confide in and lean on for support. Again, I’m no Biblical scholar so if I’m forgetting someone, forgive me.

My point in all of this is to say that I believe that God desires for us to go through this life bearing one another’s burdens and he wants those relationships to be real, to have depth, and held together with a love that accepting and overflowing with grace. 

As women, wives, and mamas, we are the centers and heartbeats of our homes. We set the atmosphere, we make it beautiful, we are relied upon in the most awesome and spectacular ways. While the weight of our roles is beautiful and bears the sweetest fruit, it’s also heavy and tiresome. Operate in our roles in isolation is lonely and depleting and I don’t believe God meant for us experience the joys of motherhood and our family this way. A close knit group of women truly understand and have the experience needed to help each other roles navigate these roles with grace and wisdom. This way, we're able to find rest, share wisdom/a pot of coffee/a glass of wine (!!) with women who are in the same season of life as we are! An added bonus: our children will also have the opportunity to build friendships, too!

The type of trust and vulnerability required to truly experience the deep love these relationships have to offer can be tough to build and rest confidently in. We can be hard enough on ourselves as it is and at times our insecurities can make it pretty scary to open up about how we're truly feeling. But, truth be told, not every mama is confident about everything all the time. So, we're all safe, hanging out in the same boat. 

But, I believe that we can trust God’s desires for us and ask for the wisdom regarding who we create inmate inner circles with. I believe God will bring the right women into our lives at just the right time if we simply ask in faith.

Do you desire deeper relationships with other women? Maybe you don’t really have true, deep friendships or the ones you have are spread across various states or cities and you desire someone in a closer proximity. I know I do.

So, let’s go to God asking for the relationships we desire and keep our hearts open about who will be brought into our lives. I’m believing this will be good, will?

** photo credit: wynne elder

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