A quick & easy Breakfast Banana Split

Wanna feel like you're #winning as a Mom in the morning? (I know it's hard right?) I am here to share a kid-friendly breakfast that is not only QUICK & EASY to make while simultaneously packing backpacks, tying shoes, and combing out the bedhead, but it's also HEALTHY. Hooray! I started making these Breakfast Banana Splits a few years ago and they have always been such a hit. 

Directions: Simply peel a whole banana, cut it in half and lay the halves open on a plate, add your kid's favorite greek yogurt, fresh berries, walnuts, and top with a little powdered sugar. And if you've had enough caffeine by then, go ahead and add colored sprinkles. Your kids minds will explode and you'll get a million kisses.

P.S. I've been known to make this treat for myself in the late afternoon when I'm getting hungry but dinner still seems pretty far away. Who says it needs to be for breakfast (or for kids)? And I won't judge if you want to replace the greek yogurt with a scoop of ice cream.

Because, witching hour.


Bri Carlisle is a wife, mom, blogger & designer living just outside the Philadelphia area. Check out her personal blog, Woven, here or find her on Instagram here

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