Loving Littles

Being a momma is a precious, wonderful, blessed, and heartstring tugging job. The crazy part of mommyhood is it’s also bittersweet, thankless, draining and exhausting, and it’s this mirror that reflects shortcomings, lackings, weaknesses, and sins. Let’s just let out a big sigh here.


I guess I should tell you a little of who I am. I am first and foremost the daughter of an Almighty King. All the other things are small in comparison to that sweet truth, and all the ways I don’t always measure up in my other roles are covered in hallelujah redeemed Grace because of whose I know I am, and to whom I belong above everything else. I am also a wifey to a precious, God fearing, and handsome man! I have 3 Littles of my own, ages 1 to 6 years old. I’ve also been a pediatric nurse in different settings for 13 years. Most recently I began Loving Littles Consulting.


So back to parenting. A mom has a hard job, it’s not for the faint of heart. I’ve come to realize through my mom years that I’m called to love my children in the same way that Christ loves me. It’s a tall order, I know, but think about it….my kids run in from outside covered in mud, they often spout things off to me they don’t really mean, they grab food from the kitchen and don’t thank the person who made it, they can be hurtful, they get sick and need mending when I’m battling with my health too, BUT, they giggle, give the most amazing hugs, draw me pictures where I am a princess, come out of no where and just say “Mommy I love you,” and give wet open mouthed kisses! And I love them, adore them, no matter which side of well deserved or naughty they come out on. This beautiful mess picture of my children looks an awful lot like me before my Heavenly Father. Coming dirty, cutting with my words, prideful, tired, I could go on. And in this nasty state, or moments I’m doing everything right, He wants me just the same. Oh Amen!


Christ’s love gives me a clear example of how I’m to love my kiddos. It’s a work in progress. I need to be more self controlled, yes, but I’m also aware of my gifts and talents that I’ve been given. I need to release my pride, certainly, but I also know I’m free to make mistakes and I can let go of worry and fear as a parent because I have someone in charge of my Littles lives, and they were His long before they were mine.


This was kind of the birth place of my business. Encouragement, support, and love has always been something I’ve been drawn to do for people. It’s in me, and I want to use it for Glory’s sake. Sometimes it’s expressed in cooking, entertaining, and many times its been revealed in the different areas where I have been a nurse. A child recently diagnosed with cancer, the momma of a newborn totally sleep deprived, or a girlfriend who needs help and direction because their daughter has a cough and a fever, I love just being alongside families.


Mommies usually connect with me through my business because they are tired, worn out, feeling frustrated, or just generally need some direction, support, and community. That’s what Loving Littles Consulting is. I embrace a family where they are at when they first meet me, co sleeping or crib sleeping, nursing or bottle feeding, full time working momma or a stay at home mom, schedule or doing things more by just feeling it, a first time Little or a house full of them, you name it, I’ve had all different kinds of clients, and all those things, all those ways they are loving their Littles, are perfect and just what they need at that exact moment, for “such a time as this,” right? I am sensitive to the unique ways all families are different and function. I provide help from anything from those hard newborn days, sleep encouragement and creating a more predictable schedule, potty training, and all sorts of stuff in between. I want to be a sounding boards for these women. I want to encourage them and love them right where they are at and let them know they are doing a fantastic job even if there are some things we can plan out together to get everyone even more rested and joyful at home. I want to destroy fears and lies that are not based in Truth and would have us mommas blame ourselves, drown in worry, or think we just can’t pull this parenting thing off. I want them to be full and at peace because He is those things and that is stronger and better than anything I know and it has tremendous power. Power to help us be better moms, wives, girlfriends, employees. In the end, I just want a momma, really the whole family of a Little, to experience joy right in the season where she is at, and for me that Joy is a man, it’s joy with a capital “J,” and it’s the only thing that keeps me afloat through the hard momma days and also the most wonderfully pleasant ones!




Lauren Speelman is a registered nurse, wife, and momma of 3 Littles. She works in a pediatrician’s office in Chicago and is the founder of Loving Littles Consulting that seeks to develop joyful sleepers, feeders, and growers. She helps families by providing love, support, and encouragement through the newborn to toddler years. Learn more about Lauren, read testimonials from rested and peaceful families, and see her services on Facebook.

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