Let's Not Miss This

The other night, after I had been up the stairs for the umpteenth time to try and get my girls back into bed, I stomped and sighed my way back down, only to hear my husband singing the country song “You’re Gonna Miss This” under his breath…to try and calm me, and to bring me back to the bigger perspective. It also made me laugh a little.

It seems so cliche even as I write it out…the constant reminder that these days fly by and I will in fact miss this. Like how sweet older mothers or grandmothers always seem to tell us. It is true, these days will fly, and they have flown already. Time seems against me on some days. Even just today, my tiny baby is graduating from Pre-K. And while I don’t want to just sigh my way through life and feel like I am barely getting by, I find myself doing that more than I’d like.

But I know that there’s a new perspective, a higher perspective here that the Lord wants me to have in regards to this season. I don’t want to be longing for the next season because this one seems too hard..or loud, or messy, or sleepless...you fill in the blank.

I want to see this sweet time in my life as a refining treasure, a time that I am being taught more about myself than I ever thought possible…the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the beautiful.

While I know I don’t want to miss this season in regards to what my children are doing…the wonder, the curiosity, the million questions, the constant dependence of a nursing babe…I also don’t want to miss what the Lord has for ME in this season.

He is refining and molding me to be more of who I was created to be from before I was born. He is walking me into the destiny He has for me.

And in this particular season of me raising little souls, He is raising mine. And I don’t want to walk through it without seeing the higher perspective and learning what it is that He has for me in this time of life

Each different season/ages of mothering will bring it’s own "stuff." It will all feel different five years from now than it does today. And if I have allowed Him to work on my heart in each season, and let His graces for me build upon each other as time passes, then I become more whole.

As we learn to stop and breathe in the season, we get the bigger picture a little better. And we encounter His presence with us more and more, and we grow into who were created to be more and more. Let’s not miss that.

Sarah is a mama to three little ones. She is honored to share her heart with other mamas here, and has seen such value in connecting in this community. You can find her blogging at www.braveandsimple.com and sharing daily life on Instagram @sarah.elizabeth.lowe