It’s almost a foreign concept to us, right? We never get a moment to rest and when we do, something always seems to interrupt those quiet moments. So, how about a couple of definitions?

As an action, rest means "to cease work in order to relax, refresh, or recover strength or to be place or supported to stay in a certain position."

Rest as a noun is "an object used to support something or instance of relaxing or ceasing to engaging activity."

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? To stop working or to be supported so that you can relax. As mamas we need to rest. We’re juggling many roles and hectic schedules, all while maintaining and building relationships inside and outside our home. We are often physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted. If we happen to be dealing with a curve ball at that time, being emotionally spent only adds to our exhaustion. Our minds are never at rest, our bodies never fully rested, and we’re stressed.

I’m so thankful that in Jesus there is rest. I’m thankful that He offers us the shadow of His wings to rest in His protection, to recover, and to be supported by Him. He invites us to stop engaging in His presence. He promises to give us rest for our souls if we go to Him and lay our burdens at his feet.

We know that Jesus is with us always and in Him there is freedom, love, wisdom, guidance, and peace. But, do we ever think that in Him there is also a place to recharge?

Is it odd to consider that a God who loves us enough to cover us with grace and hem us in would not provide us with a resting place to recover from the hardships of this life?

I’m finding that just as the peace that God offers surpasses understanding, just like the joy experienced in Christ is full and abundant, the rest offered to us is refreshing and complete. Rest found in the Lord allows us to endure and persevere when we feel as if we’ve lost all ability to fight the good fight.

Seeking God for rest has to be just as intentional as asking for wisdom, forgiveness, and patience. This rest is an offer - it’s up to us whether or not we want to accept it.

We need rest – the act of ceasing to work, just as much as a place of support. We need a place to rejuvenate and unwind, be it with friends or a bubble bath. Find a place, mama. Find your place and seek God for spiritual rest. If we aren’t recovering spiritually, there’s no way we can pour into our homes and children. Our families need and deserve a rested, spiritually replenished mama and wife. We owe it to ourselves. We mother better when we’re able to face the world with a smile and Godly strength.

Let’s look to God for this blessed rest together, yes?

Alaina is a wife and new mama of twin girls who lives in the great state of Texas! She shares a ton of thoughts and lessons learned over at UnashamedGrowth and pictures of everyday life over on her Instagram account.



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