If your house is anything like mine, you might find yourself saying the phrase "use your words" more than once a day. And while the phrase has been portrayed in popular culture as a form of new age parenting, I've found the phrase to be very effective. By reminding my children to "use their words" I am reminding them that their expressions have worth and that I want to know what they are thinking.

While it might seem odd to relate that lesson to adults, I think the phrase is applicable for us as well. We should be using our words with each other far more than we are these days. It's more common to relate our happiness with a smiley face emoji, and our disappointment or anger with silence than it is to take the time to use our words and explain what we're feeling. But by not using our words we're missing out on the chance to make a real connection that could positively impact someone's life for years to come.

While adults need to use our words verbally, I think the need to use our words in the written form is just as important. Not only can you reread love letters over and over again, but years from now your children and your grandchildren can read those same epistles of love and glean insight on your life and your relationship. Words of encouragement, faith, love, praise, commendation, and reflection are, in my opinion, even more powerful when written down.

Our lives are all connected to each others by God's design. Every time you interact with someone you have the possibility to impact their life. But with most relationships being carried out via short text messages or 140 character tweets, we are often glossing over real connection with others and settling for a surface level relationship when the possibility of something so much greater exists. Words written down can be read over and over and can continually refresh the reader with each reading.

Over at Tales of a Peanut, I try to be as transparent as I can about my life, my struggles, my accomplishments, and my dreams. My desire is that people will come to my site to share their feelings and will leave empowered by the truth of Christ and the knowledge that there is someone out there that cares for them. Life, especially parenting, can be very lonely without a group of like minded supporters walking the road beside you and I want to help people connect even if it is over the internet.

On June 1st, I'm launching my first newsletter and would love for you to sign up and join me in this endeavor. I want to help women connect with God, connect with their families, and connect with their friends. Be it online, in person, over the phone, or by handwritten note, I want everyone to rest in the knowledge that God created them for a purpose and that there are others that want to help them succeed in that purpose.

Each month I'll be sending out a piece of encouragement to my newsletter subscribers. Some months this might be in the form of a phone wallpaper or a printable piece of art. Other times it might be a background for your computer or a template for a letter to write your spouse. I want to help women connect with those around them in a way that will build community and relationship that will honor God.

As the Bible says in Proverbs 16:24, "Kind words are like honey -- sweet to the soul and healthy to the body." I want to use my words to speak truth into lives and would love for you to partner with me as we work to connect with each other to build healthy relationships in our lives online and offline.


Jennifer is the wife of a great man and mama to three littles. She blogs on her site Tales of a Peanut and designs stationery and gifts in her shop with the purpose of helping people connect with God and each other. You can keep up with her on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.