Chosen Devotional and Prayer Journal

Chosen Devotional and Prayer Journal

Some days it feels like maybe God didn’t know what He was doing when He chose you for this calling of Motherhood. Some days it feels so messy, awkward and uncomfortable, like it just doesn’t fit. The world wants to tell you that if it doesn’t feel good, then you must not be cut out for the job. But God has chosen us and calls us His own!

Today begins our six day long Chosen Devotional. We just wrapped up our Spring Thrive Moms Retreat that was centered around the truth that we are His chosen people; and we figured what better time is there to dig deeper into being chosen than now? We'll be going through this six day study as a community -- specifically sharing quotes, thoughts, and prompts on our social media accounts. Directly after the six day devotional, we'll walk through twelve weeks of prayer prompts and journaling.

We'd love for you to join us in this study! If you missed out on purchasing a printed and bound copy of our devotional, you can join us in a few ways...

1) Purchase a printable copy in our marketplace -- full of beautiful artwork from Flax & Wool Designs, video devotion links from our founders, stories from our leadership team, and lined writing areas for prayer and application.
2) Follow along through the YouVersion app or on -- search "chosen" to find the study.
3) Watch the devotional videos from our founders on our website.


We can't wait to dig deeper with you! If you decide to share any thoughts or pictures of your time in the study, we'd love for you to use #thrivemoms in your captions so we can see too! We're praying for you through this devotional and prayer study, and are expectant that the Lord will move and speak to you in mighty ways.

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