We all hear stories, and some of us have even experienced the part of life and being a mother, where we let go of ourselves and get so overwhelmed taking care of everyone else, that you completely forget about yourself. Maybe you glance in the mirror and think, "WHOA...can I climb back in bed already? I mean look at me!" Is this you? Because I'm guilty, for sure. Way too many times. 

But God tells us to be productive, not busy. He wants us to be fruitful, not running in circles all the time, letting ourselves go. I read an article a little while back that encouraged us to perceive being healthy as something God desires for us. It explored some very personal things dealing with self image, weight gain, and the stress of our own image. It was then that my perception of being a mom changed. I wanted to be healthy for Him and to have my actions glorify Him; not for my own personal gain, but to know that I'm taking care of myself because I have others depending on me. 

I've battled weight my whole life. My life this past year was turned upside down and I turned to stress and emotional eating. It sent me down a really rough road -- both physically and mentally. I have had many pivotal moments over the course of the past year, but taking back control of my health and wellness for the sake of my family and my own personal sanity is definitely paying off. For too long I let my circumstances and life's messes take control. I had to make a change. I was not happy and I just couldn't enjoy things the way I used to. So, in September 2014, I joined a boot camp class called VERSUS. This decision I've made has had a positive impact on my role as a mom and wife. It has been my best yes and I am not looking back.

I say all of this to encourage you that you too can take back control over your life with just some intentional effort! Amongst the busy schedules and running around taking care of everyone, I believe you should start taking care of yourself. A happy and healthy mommy reflects a happy home.

Hi, I'm April Grissom. I am a wife and I have an amazing, blue eyed little boy that is 3 years old. I am a nurse, a housekeeper, a health and wellness coach with Advocare, new to writing and blogging and I have a love and passion for running and working out. My purpose in life is to serve and help others. I live in South Mississippi. I love God with all my heart. The past year may have been the hardest in my life, but it's by far been the best spiritual growth I have ever experienced. God is so good. Even with life's messes. I have a story to tell and this is just the beginning of my journey. You can connect with me here -- BLOG, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & PINTEREST.

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